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Spring aggravation. How to fight against it?

At last there came the long-awaited spring! It means that else slightly - slightly and there will be a summer. Winter frosts already rather bothered. There is a wish to throw off quickly from itself a huge number of warm clothes and to enjoy heat, singing of birds and a smell of spring.

But there are changes not only weather in the spring; changes happen also in us. There is a so-called spring aggravation. What is it? As to fight against it and whether it is necessary? Let`s try to answer these questions.

In the fall we usually have stresses, depressions, fatigue. The spring influences the person, his health and health too. We feel that inside something moves, appears hypererethism. For this reason in the spring we fall in love more often than in the fall, for example. Lyubov wakes up not only to an opposite sex, but also to everything that surrounds us. We love the sun, flowers, the sky, birdies. We begin to smile more often, laugh but at the same time and to cry, be upset, be disappointed. Our organism undergoes the changes connected with weather conditions too. It is also a spring aggravation.

There is all this because that the organism is reconstructed since winter for the summer (autumn depressions, by the way, develop for the same reason). During this period not only our feelings but also different there of a sore like ulcer, gastritis become aggravated. The gastrointestinal tract works more actively at this time, and protective enzymes are emitted less. There is a failure in work of our internal clocks, from here and all aggravations.

Who could think that the spring aggravation occurs also because of that sun to which all of us cannot rejoice in any way. It turns out that our emotional excitability grows together with solar radiation!

In the spring, as well as in the fall, the risk of catarrhal diseases is high! Therefore, despite good weather which very much is even changeable, you should not throw off in a rush of pleasure from yourself caps and warm jackets.

Nutritionists advise not to go in the spring on diets which are so popular among women in anticipation of a beach season. Lack of diets will help nervous system not to make of you an irritable monstrik. Also, for the help to nervous system, it is necessary to place emphasis on the products containing vitamin B in the spring. Those are cheese, meat, cottage cheese, greens. And that catarrhal diseases did not become aggravated in the spring and there was no drowsiness, it is necessary to strengthen the immunity, and vitamin C (a citrus, blackcurrant, a dogrose, sauerkraut) will help in it difficult business.

Birdies fly. Kidneys on trees bulk up. Behind a window everything blossoms. Flowers blossom. The sun shines. The sky blue - blue. And we long... The melancholy, uneasiness and indifference sometimes do not abandon us throughout long time. Especially women. Why women? Yes everything is simple - women more emotional, than men therefore stresses and depressions at them arise much more more often than at men.

Why we have a spring aggravation? Unfortunately, even the answer to this question is meanwhile unknown to psychiatrists. But the main thing - to remember that optimists will be optimists in any weather, in the summer, in the fall, in the winter and in the spring. And here pessimists and to birdies are not glad, and are not happy with murmur of streams, here they also are depressed. Spring. Perhaps they thought up this aggravation?

Anyway, it is necessary to know that the spring aggravation nevertheless exists. And it is necessary to show consideration for the health and the internal state more in the spring. Do not forget to inhale fresh air of spring and to rejoice to every day!