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“Dagona“ - a fantasy or reality?

Chapter 1

the Melodious ring of a big hand bell over an entrance door was reflected from walls of a hall and quickly extended on all apartment, getting into its most remote corners.
Heron very much liked to listen to this velvet and surprisingly long sound therefore he always approached to the door, enjoying its soft and quiet sounding.

When he lodged in the new apartment, in a hall over a door the usual electric call which the most part of the population in the city uses, probably, hung. But the signal of such call seemed to it too sharp and impudent. Hysterical shout of the primitive mechanism rushed into the apartment not with a request, and with the requirement to immediately open a door. And if calling pressed on the button too long or several times, then Heron entered a hall with huge desire to strangle the one who was behind a door.

But once he came into little shop of the local antiquary just like that, out of curiosity, and, considering ancient things, suddenly heard an unusual sound. Heron stood. Time for it stopped. Each cage of the being it absorbed this sounding. When the sound thawed, Heron slowly turned.
He saw the little girl facing the copper bell very similar to a ship rynda. The thin silk cord on which that was suspended was poorly shaken here and there. Mother, holding the girl by a hand, it was reproachfully and strictly inclined over it.
the Owner of shop, the low and thin old man, looked at them over the points and smiled. It seems that he observed a similar picture more than once.

Heron bought a hand bell, even without trying to reduce the price though in this shop all prices were contractual. For now wrapped purchase, he explained to the antiquary, for what purpose buys such thing.
- Here only I do not know how to make so that it was impossible to call such call twice, - Heron told. - I mean that between blows surely there has to be a certain interval.
- I Understand, - the old man told, and again smiled. - It seems to me that I will be able to help you with it. I have an acquaintance to whom I give some things to repair. At it whether you know, clever fingers. It is sure, it surely will help you. I will write its address.
Heron thanked the old man and at once went to the specified address.

The person to whom he came attentively listened to an unusual request, examined a hand bell and reflected. On a look of the master it was visible that this task interested him.
At last, he looked at Heron.
- You Know that. Leave me the thing and contact phone. If at me something turns out, then I will call you.
- And if it does not turn out? - Heron asked.
the Man laughed.
- Well, of course, I will call you and in this case.

In three days the order was ready. From an old call there was only a button when pressing which the bewitching sound was distributed. But how many you would not press on it, the following blow will sound not earlier, than the first will end.
Heron was delighted. The first days he even called himself and rejoiced as the child who received a long-awaited toy.

When the second blow of a bell was distributed, Heron already entered a hall. Having darted a glance at the indicator of the electronic watchman, he saw the light a small green bulb. It meant that the computer of the Head Police Department identified the person standing behind a door and confirms that that is not dangerous. Such security system was entered recently, but already completely was repaid. The quantity of burglaries and the armed robberies in the city reduced almost to zero.

Heron opened a door. It was faced by the man of years of thirty five, suntanned, with a short hairstyle and an athletic figure. Easy light trousers and a t-shirt with an open collar successfully emphasized its sports view. He held the small leather folder on a lightning in hand.
- Heron Melvin? - the man asked.
Intonation of this phrase seemed to Heron rather affirmative, than interrogative.
- Yes, - Heron answered. - What it is obliged to?
- I Apologize if I distracted you from your works. I just was in edition. Exactly there prompted to me where you can be found.

Heron worked as the journalist in « publishing house; Daily news “ and according to the charter of the organization, it was obliged to report to the administration the location at any time. But it was the classified information, and the editor had no right to disclose it. Only the Police Department could get access to it.
- Means you from police, - Heron told.
- Yes, I serve in Management, - the stranger, &ndash answered; but only as the informal detective. There is my certificate.

It gave to Heron a plastic rectangle on which one party the coat of arms of Management, and on another the photo and office information was squeezed out. Heron, thanks to his work, often had to see such certificates, and he had enough glance to gain rather complete idea of this person.

- Hm. Korven Bork, - the journalist hemmed. - Your progress on service impresses. Can receive the second degree at rather small length of service not everyone, - returning a card, he added.
- I am pleased by your observation. It gives some hope to me. I did not begin to warn you about the arrival in advance. I think that soon you will understand for what reason.
- It is ready to listen to you. I ask. - Heron receded deep into a hall and opened the doors, inviting the guest to enter the apartment.