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How to grow up gum?

of Gumi, or the sucker multiflowered are rather new berry culture which is known to our gardeners a little. However, at some fans of exotic on a site this native of far Japan already grows. Leaves at it have a silvery shade therefore decorative bushes of gum call the sucker silvery. They are usually used as ornamental plants for creation of a green hedge.

We will tell how to grow up a fruit plant of gum in a midland of Russia.

Fruits of gum - large (to 2 - x cm in length) the extended berries on long fruit stems it is bright - red or claret color, covered with small golden points, are unusually tasty. They at the same time taste like apple, cherry and pineapple. Berries of gum are eaten fresh, and also do of them preparations for the winter: juice, jam, wine. They easily dry - it is just necessary to scatter berries a thin layer on fabric and to leave in a shadow. Fruits of gum are well stored in the refrigerator, without losing the taste and long remaining fresh.

The main feature of gum - its insufficient winter hardiness. The bush branches which are above snow cover can be damaged by frosts. Therefore for winter of gum it is necessary to cover. For this purpose at the end of a summer season of a branch bend down to the earth, having tied up them to wooden pegs. When there comes cold weather, it is good to fill up the center of a bush with dry sawdust. Then it is covered lutrasily or other ukryvny material, the same as roses. It is possible to exempt from shelter of gum already in the first half of April.

For landing and cultivation of a fruit bush of gum it is better to choose well lit, solar site. The hole under landing of a sapling has to be rather big size. It is filled with mix of humus, superphosphate, ashes and the fertile earth. In the conditions of a midland the bush of gum reaches height of 1,6 m and approximately the same diameter. It is not required to form it practically as gum does not form young growths.

The first several years after landing a fruit bush of gum it is desirable to feed up nitroammofosky (1 tablespoon on 10 l of water). A plant it is sympathetic on mineral and organic fertilizers. The root system at it superficial and far exceeds the limit of krone. Therefore it is undesirable to loosen the soil under a bush of gum, it is better to mulch.

The first two years the sapling of gum generally develops root system. Then begins to increase branches from a strong and thick central trunk. Adult branches become covered by rare prickles. Wreckers and diseases this plant is surprised seldom. Gum in the first half of June blossoms, becoming covered by small yellow flowers. Green ovaries, in the beginning hardly noticeable, increase, and berries, at first orange color, in process of maturing quickly become brightly - red.

The best way of reproduction of a berry bush of gum - layers. For this purpose after harvesting choose the suitable branches growing at the earth, do cross cuts of bark in their lower part, dust korneviny, stack in the prepared flutes and fill up with humus. That branches did not jump out, press them to the earth hairpins which are easy for making of a thick aluminum wire. Well it is also not necessary to forget to water this place more often. The next year at the beginning of summer the taken roots branches exempt from hairpins and cut secateurs. Sometimes saplings of gum should be grown in pots before their full filling with roots. At the same time the plant is required pritenyat.

Some gardeners make multiple copies gum seeds, divisions of a rhizome and shanks. However viability at seeds of gum very low, shanks take roots hardly and develop very slowly. They say that the fruit branch of gum can be imparted on a related bush - a sea-buckthorn. Then to it and frosts will not be terrible.

To buy saplings of gum not a problem now. In the specialized centers and in the markets they any more not deficiency.