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oh this bronchitis of

“ Oh, this bronchitis.... “

Today I want to talk about bronchitis. Probably, each of us faced this misfortune directly or indirectly. A thing, frankly speaking, not pleasant and in our climate often meeting. Bronchitis is an inflammation of bronchial tubes, results from a viral or bacterial infection. Often proceeds with the increased body temperature, and, above all with the awful tormenting cough. Doctors appoint antibiotics, sulfanylamide preparations, a bed rest, vitamins. All this is good, and the person is on the mend, but cough does not pass. What to do? Can massage will come to the rescue. During restoration of an organism can massage can help to bring the phlegm remains out of bronchial tubes. Under the influence of can massage the lymph &ndash amplifies; and the blood-groove, improves reflex breath, dry cough is removed. If to use in addition and an aromatherapy (oil of a tea tree, a sage, an eucalyptus, etc.) - that it even more will strengthen effect of massage. Such massage can be applied also at children, beginning practically since childhood.

Distribute warm oil on a back, create vacuum in bank and press it to skin. You will notice how bank “pulled in“ in itself skin. The less little man, the less there has to be pressure. Now we begin massage. We go the sliding movements from the end of lungs (approximately the middle of a back) along a backbone and to axillary hollows. The movements can be just circular, and can be zigzag. After massage, just put cups for 1 - 2 min. along a backbone that will help to strengthen effect. For a raising of atypical immunity, I recommend to put cups on buttock area (there where pricks splash) for 1 - 5 min. How many sustain. Do not forget to lie down after massage, having wrapped up in a warm blanket, to drink tea with raspberry or a lemon for this reason it is desirable to do such massage before going to bed. Carry out can massage of 5 - 15 min. daily and you will get rid of bronchitis in short terms.

Besides bronchitis can massage is applied in the accompanying therapy at backbone osteochondrosis, radiculitis (not during the sharp period), and, of course, in fight against cellulitis.

Health and prosperity, to you and your relatives!!!