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Novelties of cinema. What to watch on March 9 - 11? “Ëîðàêñ“, “John Carter“, etc.

Premier Thursday this year in Russia coincided with the “International“ Women`s Day that almost did not affect structure of participants, but warped the schedule of the days off. This week in a wide release there are five pictures.

It is the advertized blockbuster based on Edgar Rice Burroughs`s books “John Carter“, the romantic comedy with Matt Damon “We bought a zoo“ and the animation Loraks project, support to which the Danny De Vito who the other day visited first-throned gave.

Also the audience will be able to see the new Russian comedy “8 first appointments“, a three-dimensional concert of Kylie Minogue “Kylie 3D: Aphrodite“ and next screen version of immortal work of Emily Bronte “Wuthering Heights“. And now is more detailed:

1. “John Carter“ (John Carter, 2012)

Fans of creativity of Burroughs waited for

. However, on the platform with flowers there were only the most resistant because Hollywood planned to shoot the screen version of the novel “Princess of Mars“ still … in 1931. And all this time the most different people, from studio Disney to producers of “Terminator“ Mario Cassar and Andrew Vayna were interested in the project. There was not enough money, the fuse vanished, having hardly appeared. 80 years later Walt Disney`s company pressurized an idea to a realization stage, having invited to a post of the director Andrew Stanton, the director of animation superhits “Searching Mutely“ and “WALL-E“. Yes, you did not mishear, it is the director`s debut in game cinema though, considering quantity of computer special effects, “John Carter“ can be considered as that only percent on 20 - 25.

A scene of action - the planet Mars. The main character - the veteran of Civil war in the USA. It is young, beautiful and graceful. His friends are four-meter Martian natives, enemies are awful monsters and other aliens, only bad. The movie PG rating - 13 turned blood into substance of blue color, and the violence in a shot will accompany pathos speeches about rescue of the next world from external aggressors. I believe, pulp, bigger from transfer, - Burroughs`s fiction on the big screen nobody expected. At least, modern film technologies can any, even the most foolish plot, to turn into “king for a day“.

2. “Ëîðàêñ“ (The Lorax, 2012)

many large film studios of Hollywood are engaged in

in Production of computer animation today. Admirers of this genre, one may say, are lucky - every month on world screens the next full-length animated cartoon, one more beautiful another gets. However for the last decade this format managed to become boring to audience. And even universal use 3D does not rescue any more. In the conditions of fierce competition creators of animated films are forced to find new counters.

Feature of “Loraks“ was the fact that Danny De Vito who sounded the main character made it not only in native English, but also on German, Spanish, Italian and, attention, Russian languages. That is the animation hero in domestic dubbing-in speaks not by a voice of the professional Russian actor, and the original. De Vito within an advertizing campaign of a tape visited Moscow and participated in couple of telecasts where showed the talent to grab on the fly alien phonetics. Certainly, at the same time the actor line does not understand sense of what speaks, but it turns out at it much better, than at Arnold Schwarzenegger (“A red heat“) or Daniel Craig (“Call“).

As for a plot, as usual, the animated cartoon has to be pleasant surely to both children, and adults because for each age audience there are advantages here. In America “Loraks“ to the first Wick - and hire entered ten the most successful animation projects for all history of Hollywood.

3. “We bought a zoo“ (We Bought a Zoo, 2011)

the New movie of Cameron Crowe (“Gerry Maguayer“, “The vanilla sky“) is worthy viewing at least for four reasons. In - the first, not so often we manage to see Matt Damon who is looking after animals. The actor specializes on shooter games, dramas and thrillers more. In - the second, Scarlett Johansson, one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of modern Hollywood at whom in any image it is pleasant to look. In - the third, “We bought a zoo“ is based on real history of rescue of the British menagerie of exotic animals. The word “zoo“ means existence in a shot of a great number of nice representatives of fauna that in itself is interesting.

Considering that the holidays which are taking place under the auspices of Women`s Day mean that men are obliged to support a romantic and complacent spirit in the halves, this picture will become ideal option of joint visit of movie theater. Kind, darling, the sentimental movie about people, which not all the same.

4. “8 first appointments“ (2012)

the Project headed by the debutant Alexander Malyarevsky and the film editor of several “cool“ projects of the last years (“Hitler kaput!“, “Rzhev against Napoleon“ and so forth) David Dodson, will hardly become an event of week. Even, in spite of the fact that it is the only movie which is purposefully enticing romantically the adjusted couples in cinema halls. Does not add the optimism and presence at credits of Vladimir Zelensky which was KVN - chic, the producer, the actor and the screenwriter. In many respects we are obliged to it by alteration of “Office romance“ and the same “Rzhev“.

Nevertheless, in this case we deal with the trifling romantic comedy which is not laying claim to “new classics“. Simple, backward humour, clear collisions of a plot, nice actors (Zelensky + Akinshina) and predictable, but desired hepp - and.

5. “Wuthering Heights“ (Wuthering Heights, 2011)

B 2011 two most known works of sisters of Bronte were newly rethought by cinema. At first Americans let out “Jane Eyre“, and then British, in the person of the director Andrea Arnold, undertook the new version of “Wuthering Heights“, the novel which in the list of 200 best books according to the Air Force occupies honourable 12 - e the place.

Arnold picturized Emily Bronte`s masterpiece in a consent with own understanding of tragic love against the English realities of the beginning of the 19th century. Forget about colourful, picturesque statements of Air Force TV channel - in the movie of 2011 it will be dirty, gloomy and it is sad. The tragedy, all-. Ah and, nearly forgot, Heathcliff is the Black. Not that it is evident, but the overseas origin of the hero was built in an extreme.

At the past Venice Film Festival celebrated the operator of the movie Robbie Ryan. And authenticity of the picture is the only charm of the new screen version which is obviously conceding previous in emotionality and a portrayal of characters.

If not to consider Kylie Minogue`s concert in three-dimensional hire, then on it the list of film premieres comes to an end on March 8. Next week we are waited by the first attempt of the actor Daniel Radcliff to beat off an image of the four-eyes Harry Potter in the thriller “The Woman in Black“. The company to it will be kept by Julia Roberts in the fenteziyny movie of Tarsem Sinkh “the Snow White: Revenge of gnomes“ and Mikhail Galustyan in an image of the well-fad and ill-bred little man with the propeller.