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How to write the book with a best-seller potential?

Turn out what difficult is in writing of the book especially - that and is not present. Especially as all already about it davny - is known long ago. Only many of us for some reason consider for themselves as something ultraboundary simply to take and write the first book!

Here a small selection of questions and my answers which will help you to become the author famous for the author!

Why I consider that everyone can write the book?

Yes because the book is, in fact, only someone`s experience ( personal or professional ) or someone`s reflections. And all have an experience and reflections. Why not to issue them in the book?

What gives to the person existence of own book? The book can bring or popularity ( reputation, experience ), either money, or that and another together ( the most exceptional case ). Who can write to

the book?

Any person. Just not everyone is capable to guess it and not everyone is capable to see advantage of existence of own book.

About what can write the book?

O anything. But there is a sense to write only the book which will be interesting to readers and to have best-seller potential. There are options almost safe:

• to describe personal experience (and to hook on to them “for live“ );

• to describe professional experience and to show a behind the scenes;

• to combine the two first option.

Why these options almost safe?

Because others private life is very interesting to people. And not only life of stars, and life of the most ordinary people - the neighbor, the chief, the employee, the stranger on the street.

You do not trust? Try to tell the missing person others secret - absolute concentration on your words is guaranteed. Not incidentally such shows as “ the House “, “ of the Window “, are very popular, and stories or video about how shot the movie that occurred off-screen, it is frequent more interestingly than the movie.

Example 1.

Inartistic book. Best-seller “ Bury me behind a plinth “. The adult sincerely described the children`s experiences. And all. Many people needed to read it to be convinced: someone endured the same, someone had same problems, someone got out of the same hole, etc. of

Always of personal experience causes emotions. And on emotional perception, creating the book, it is necessary to count first of all. And it is unimportant - it is the book about the childhood, about business, about career or about something else.

The book, of course, can be pleasant to the reader and “ mind “. It will be visible that he, for example, will call it “ good “ and “ useful “. But if it did not hook on it “ for live “ - its century is short also the best-seller to it not to become.

Example 2.

Art book. “ Harry Potter “. From the first pages of the book the author causes pity to the main character. This is the poor child - the orphan who is offended by relatives. And the reader in any main character ( bad, good, clever, silly ) sees himself.

The reader always of compares the main character to himself ( even bad ). If the main character good - he wants that “ bad heroes “ died or just met with the deserts ( were mocked, ruined, beaten, etc. ), and the main character would solve all the problems ( won against the fears, poverty, etc. ). For whom to write


For the specific reader ( for narrow target audience ). To write “ to emptiness “ there is no sense - absolutely specific people will read.

The book, as well as any other goods, has to satisfy some need of the person. Examples:

• desire to see a behind the scenes of someone`s profession (business);

• desire “ to get “ into private life;

• to be convinced that “ not only I so think “, “not only I it am afraid of “, “ not only I so messed up “;

• to help to solve a personal or professional problem.

How to write?


so that most it was interesting to re-read.

It is interesting to re-read the old diary? It is interesting to look at old photos? So has to be also with the book. If the book is not interesting to you, it is not enough chances ( they are simply scanty ) that it will be interesting to readers.

Write with emotions , vividly. Take offhand several books - best-sellers - you will find in everyone personal ( sometimes very much - very personal ) experience of the author, a theory illustration from life on real stories, etc. of

I all books - best-sellers are written in a simple language. Write simply . Or write difficult, but explain difficult on simple, elementary examples.

How to find the subject?


the book or on a new subject (on which of the book yet is not present ), or with a new view on old ( a hackneyed subject ). Than it is more at you personal life and professional experience, than more you read someone else`s books - the you will be able to write the best book and the it will be easier for you to make it.

How to understand whether the book will be demanded?

it is the best of all for h2 to write

the book which would be useful to you few years ago. In - the first if you looked for it and were not found - it is absent. In - the second , time you found the necessary information, collected in parts and put a puzzle piece in a single whole - you have ready material for the book.

How to advertize the book?

If the book really has best-seller potential - it does not need to be advertized almost. The gossip hotline will make the business instead of you. Your task to promote only a little its start and all. whether

Is necessary the plan of the book?


It is obligatory! The plan will very strongly save to you time and forces directly over the text. Before the book develop its structure.

It is best of all written when there is an inspiration. To write down the thoughts when you are visited by inspiration - you carry with yourself a notebook or a dictophone and write down in it all ideas and thoughts concerning the book.

But if it is necessary to write the book quickly, then time wait for inspiration can not to be. The plan at such moments very much helps out - you will always know what to write about. there is no

What to do if the plan is, and inspiration?

to begin with

C of what chapter, the section, the paragraph? Look for aphorisms / national proverbs and sayings on a subject about which you write the book or chapter. You can paint this wisdom squeezed in one phrase on the whole paragraph or on a whole chapter. You can draw with it attention of the reader, having used it in names of parts of the book or as an epigraph or to give weight to the words.

Example . A saying “ to Whom war - to whom mother natively “. It is a ready subject for article ( of chapter of the book, the book ). You can describe in it the conclusions to a subject as people differently belong to the same phenomenon and as different ways of thinking affect their life. One phrase - and how many thoughts and images arise in the head at once. At you did not arise? So train! whether

Surely it is necessary to strive for the book with a best-seller potential?

Is not present

, of course. It is possible to write any book, on any subject, with any purpose. By the way, a lot of things depend on the book purpose ( to pass on the experience, to earn money, to create to itself reputation, to make itself advertizing, etc. )

can write the Book most, to dictate to the assistant, to write in a co-authorship. It is possible to write for sale, it is possible for gifts to friends and relatives, it is possible only for itself ( can even be printed in one copy ).

The main thing - the book can be written !