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Loneliness in the megalopolis. Where to find to itself couple?

All heard this expression, and everyone perceives it in own way. Sociable people who love parties, do not understand how it is possible to be lonely when Moscow 24 hours a day burns with fires and opportunities. And despite everything, people in Moscow meet, fall in love, marry.

About where to find the real feeling in our modern century, I will try to tell.

My history began with the fact that I was abandoned by the person with whom I was madly in love 5 years. He found to himself suitable couple, and me, having told at parting that he promised nothing and has to nothing, waved with a hand. Banal history to whom does not happen, tell you. Yes, it is possible. But in days of despondency and despair (my love did not pass from the fact that he threw me), I decided to vanish and distract and understand somehow where now people get acquainted because before I had no desire to look for couple (I sacredly believed that I love and it is mutual). Therefore, observing, in cafe, restaurants, exhibitions, theaters and other public places couples in love and women of different age, not really - that also reflected and where lonely men spend the leisure-time.

And here my hour of triumph came, time it came to find out. It is natural how the clever, well-mannered girl, I was far from juvenile discos, in clubs even in the best years never pulled me, and at expensive restaurants I felt wildly uncomfortably. Generally, by process of elimination, all above places were excluded. What remained? There is such concept as bar - club. It seems both music and a dance floor, but is a specially allotted zone for little tables and the decent menu. In our first campaign with the girlfriend we managed to attract attention pilots! Frankly speaking, it was unexpected, they were not a handsome, but very decent, intelligent people, paid our order and in English took the leave while we were on a dance floor (revived old customs so to speak). We were extremely surprised, appear, that such men already in the nature are not. So it also is as these knights did not leave any contacts, we saw them for the first and for the last time and, perhaps, they were any and not pilots at all. Our second calling a similar institution was less successful, but too very cheerful. The man of age of our parents who only the day before arrived from Florida sat down by us, and with it there was his friend, very young and nice-looking man. This young man did not pay special attention to us, and here the fact that he from Florida was very active concerning my friend. Evening, in general, was pleasant. As the result, the girlfriend everything is left a phone number, and this man from Florida called several weeks her, but to meet it thetas - and - she was afraid of thetas and why.

Exhibitions and the presentations were the following stage of probing of the soil of lonely men. At once I will tell there is nothing to do there. There come or couples, or on work. The third is not given. here at last I reached by
I the Internet. Oh, these dating sites! How many about them it is written how many times people create the account and delete it, then got again and again deleted. I not an exception. On the Internet (icq and a dating site) I had an experience of acquaintance and it must be said not always deplorable. I post the questionnaire on this website the second time. The first was rather with boredom. Of course, it is not VKontakte and if you are a girl, then you are written by men and with a main objective - the fastest meeting. Subject of this meeting and result always different, but essence one.

So when I for the first time got on this website, no highly educated people got to me, all attribute themselves qualities and advantages which they do not have cheap bravado and other attributes of virtual life. And men and women throw off to themselves for 5 - 10 years therefore here it is necessary to be attentive and to trace everything that is connected with dates in conversation, and that one 24 summer young man wrote to me that he was married 8 years. Simple calculations and it was amusing. I did not begin to run on a meeting on the first call, especially these infinite invitations to myself home too at once and readiness most to arrive on a visit. All this is doubtful and it is even dangerous. Personally I am a realist and I do not trust in miracles.

Generally, in my first calling I met the man who as it became clear subsequently, threw off to himself 6 years. But as he looked good, toyesl itself would not admit, I, perhaps, any time did not guess. We met several times, it were winter holidays, went to the cinema, cafes, everything was very culturally. But in process of bigger recognition of each other things which not really - that and were pleasant began to emerge. For example, I looked for the stable relations (as any normal girl), he looked for adventures, most likely. Whether there was a proximity, you ask? Yes, was, but it did not rescue these arising relations. We left in one and a half months. At first it disappeared. And I removed the questionnaire from the website. Then he called and wrote, and writes to this day, invites somewhere, says that he wants to meet, but time is missed .

My second calling on the website was more successful. Several very erudite and intelligent interlocutors got to me. But this time I decided not to hurry, all - experience of the first calling was in memory. Young people everything were gallant and attentive. Everyone at first asked a phone number or additional contacts on which it is possible to contact me. In total with a good education, with good work

So, I with all corresponded, it was very difficult to allocate someone, especially nobody was pleasant to me, but also hostility to anybody was not. There was one young man to whom I wrote itself, but his specific humour at first did not understand, and then communication was somehow adjusted too. Now I am at a stage of active communication and choice of the candidate for the first meeting, than all this will end, I will write in one of the following articles.

Yes, and in the conclusion, there is a wish to tell that lonely heart has no floor. I write how I the girl, but assure you that decent, kind, clever, reliable men suffer not less from the fact that they cannot find to themselves suitable couple. Just we go on different parallels, but sometime we will surely be crossed. I very much want to trust in it!