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the tale of love of

Was dead of night, and to Nika everything was not fallen down. Phone call which broke a train of thought of Niki was suddenly distributed.
- Hi! - the pleasant voice was distributed.
- And, it you?! Hi! - Niki`s voice began to tremble a little, now she heard a voice of darling.
- Why you do not sleep? - curiously Kostya asked.
- Just in the head climb any awful thoughts moreover the moon shines directly in a window. It today some special. Very big and yellow. By the way, you read my letter?
- Yes. You write very beautifully. You could become a writer.
- Will be enough for you! confusedly Nika answered. - And let`s make wishes better!
- And unless lunar desires are granted? - Kostya asked.
- Yes. And I am sure of it! - approaching a window, Nika said.
- Well, if you are sure of it, then I agree! - all the time looking at the moon, Kostya said.
Both as though on whiff of a breeze approached a window and made the most intimate wishes. As at this moment Kostya strongly wanted to learn what wish was made by his girlfriend. And therefore, even without having heard that was told by Nika, and, interrupting her, Kostya asked:
- If not a secret, tell what you thought of?
- But if you tell desire, then it will not be executed, - Nika told.
- No, it will surely be executed. It is just necessary to trust in it.
- Tell, please! - Kostya was not appeased.
- Well, I will tell. I thought that through many - there are a lot of years when we have already children that we also strongly loved each other and never left, - honestly Nika admitted.
After this conversation passed 2 years. But all their love is also strong, and they just do not represent the life without soulmate. But, nevertheless, life not constantly flows smoothly, and sometime it provides you the difficult choice before which you will rush about here and there and before which our hero Kostya faced.
He sat on a bench in park and waited for Niki`s arrival. They agreed on a sex of the fourth, but it for some reason still was not. Kostya infinitely looked at the watch which as it seemed to him, went too slowly, and all the time guessed about where now there is Nika. He dialed its number, but phone again as though to spite did not answer. “I will wait for it though I will wait for the whole eternity“, - told an internal voice which though for a minute tore off Kostya from bad thoughts.
Suddenly as though there was from nowhere an aged man who, having asked a kostiny permission, sat down nearby.
- You wait for Someone? - the aged man took an interest.
- Yes, - unwillingly Kostya answered and again tried to phone to Niki.
- Beautiful flowers! For the girlfriend? - again as if trying to distract Kostya, the old man asked.
Kostya turned to this question a deaf ear. For it now the main thing was why still was not near to Niki, and instead of it some old man who rather bothered it sits.
But the old man did not take offense and even continued to speak:
- Love - unusual feeling. Sometimes leaves hatred, contempt in heart of the person, and sometimes warms you in cold. But, despite all this, you continue to trust in this pure feeling and without the rest are given to the second half. Someone gives to the darling flowers, someone gives the heart, and some make wishes on the moon as you with Nika.
- You know Nika? - with astonishment Kostya who at first thought that to him it was heard asked. But, unfortunately, it was not so, and Kostya was surprised even more when the old man continued:
- Yes. And you are very necessary to it now. You have to help it.
- And what with Nika?
- Happiness leaves also suddenly, as well as comes. The same system and with love. But you with Nika have to rescue the love.
- Say yes at last what has to happen to Nika? - with eye pain Kostya asked.
- She will die on Wednesday at 7 o`clock. She will get into a car accident. But you will be able to rescue it. And by that you will prove the love to it.
- What I have to make? - in his eyes the hope was lit that Nika it will be obligatory to live.
- For this purpose you have to be debarred from voting, hearing and sight.
- But how I will live? - Kostya was perplexed. It just did not represent the life without voice, hearing and sight. And at all, he never tried to make it. Having lost sight, Kostya would never see a beautiful face of Niki, and having lost a voice, could never tell it about the love.
- But you will be with Nika. She so strongly loves you, - the question the old man answered Kostin.
Kostya felt now so as if on it poured out a bucket of cold water. He thought of Nick. What will be with it if he does not satisfy these conditions? IT was always on the mind. That girl with whose arrival, his life was filled with happiness and love. Kostya remembered at once that day when they made each other the promise that will never leave. As then they were happy!
- I do not demand from you the answer right now, can give it on Monday. I will wait for you on the same place, the old man attentively looked at Kostya, took the hat and slowly went along benches. Kostya did not come
On Monday to a meeting to the appointed place. It still did not decide on the choice. And to meet Nika, at the same time, knowing about her death, Kostya counted as an inhuman act. As he was angry with himself all these three days, but most of all he was angry with Destiny. Why it is so cruel with those whom so strongly you love? Why you have to pay for the mistakes? And why everything cannot be as you want?
As well as was told by the aged man, Nika died on Wednesday. All these three days Kostya never met Nika and did not even call.
Next day, after death Niki, Kostya in the mailbox found the letter which throughout all life warmed his soul and inspired hope that if in this world together they are not fated to be, then on that they will surely meet and at last will find the happiness.
- Pretty! Lyubimenky! I do not know when you receive this letter, probably, when I do not exist. About as it is heavy to realize it, but I am quiet already the fact that you are living. You likely understand nothing. But it is so difficult for me to write. I pay. I love you. Why it has to occur? Why with us? It approached me on Saturday when I left institute. Holy Christ, he about us knew everything. This old man in a wrinkled hat he knew that you presented in anniversary of our acquaintance. He told about us everything: when we got acquainted what our favourite movie, where we had a rest last summer. He knew everything, all. And he told that you will die. Yes, you had to die on Saturday at ten o`clock, in the morning you would be hit by the car. So he spoke. As I then got exhausted. I did not trust it, but he knew everything. He told that death it is possible to avoid. For this purpose I have to give the life. Pretty, excuse me, but I so long thought, cried. I agreed. He told that I will die on Monday, but did not tell in how many. To me it is terrible.
Today Sunday. I did not sustain and called you. What this happiness to hear you and know that you are. Evening. I, probably, will not see you. Why we? We did not make so many. And I so wanted. Do not forget me. I will always love you. Till the end I will love you...