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And when I will be given the passport? We receive the first in life passport of

Hello. I decided to devote the first article on this resource to the first in life obtaining such important document as the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. If you read this article not just like that and in order that then to put it into practice, then most likely you are a parent of the child who was 14 years old, and you prepare for procedure of obtaining the passport by your child, or you about 14 years, and you prepare for receiving the first in your life (though also other is not excluded) passports.

So, to your child 14 were executed. It is necessary to file documents to “passport office“ - the name assigned to the establishment issuing passports. At present the FMS (Federal Migration Service) is engaged in it, however issued Pasportno`s passports earlier - the visa service which is nowadays abolished. What? Yet 14 years were not executed? Then you do not hurry, you can collect necessary documents and arm with knowledge on this subject, but go to submit the application it is not necessary - it will not be accepted all the same earlier, than to your child 14 will be executed.

Now about documents. For obtaining the passport needs the birth certificate the child - the recipient of the passport, two (or more - for secure) chyorno - white or color photos 35*45 mm of the established form (do not worry, in a photo - the studio is known how it is necessary to photograph correctly on the passport), to the statement about issue of the passport, an address leaf of arrival , to the receipt about payment of the state duty (200 rub) and the document of registration at the place of residence . It can be or the certificate about registration at the place of residence with the same seal what is set in the passport at registration at the place of residence or the reference from ZhEK if the piece of paper did not manage to be found. I will remind also that the passport is issued to citizens of the Russian Federation and if the FMS “does not believe“ that the child is a citizen of the Russian Federation, then and the passport to you will not be issued. Therefore, the document certifying existence of nationality at the child is necessary. Here the paradox - the birth certificate not always certifies nationality existence therefore you need or an insert to the birth certificate about presence at the child of nationality, or the same birth certificate, but with the press of FMS . Most true, problems with it at you will not arise, on these or those circumstances the child already underwent testing for nationality, however if it not so, then you should not be nervous, but it is necessary to hurry. You should undergo procedure of the certificate of existence of nationality. It becomes in the same building where issue passports, offices were in my case on the different parties of a corridor. In more detail about it you can recognize by phone of the department the Office of the Federal Migration Service or find an infrmation in the Internet, you will need passports of parents and about 10 days of time. That is why I advise you to hurry - needs to submit the application for the passport within 30 days from the moment of occurrence of age , and without the confirmed nationality the statement at you will not be adopted. If you delayed time of filing of application, then you should pay also an impressive penalty from 1,5 to 2,5 thousand rubles . You were lucky and your child already underwent testing for nationality? It`s cool. We go further.

If at the sight of the phrase “birth certificate“ at you in the head the piece of paper tightly sealed between two sheets of transparent plastic emerges, then you should visit also the REGISTRY OFFICE and do not accept to pay 200 more rubles - the laminated certificates in a passport office since after obtaining the passport, on it the seal about delivery of it is set. You can not worry if in “laminate“ the window for the seals is left. If you were not lucky, and you laminated the certificate moreover and the child was born far from here and you have no opportunity to visit the REGISTRY OFFICE in the birthplace, then it is necessary to write the letter to that department where the birth of your child was registered. Address in the REGISTRY OFFICE at the place of residence and will explain to you what needs to be sent in the letter, and then in the same place will grant the repeated certificate. In that case, I would advise to address also to FMS, and everything from - for time frames. The REGISTRY OFFICE can not manage to send the answer to terms and you should pay a penalty for a prochrochka about which I already spoke above. Perhaps, pasportist will register your address, and you will need only to inform then of the certificate to begin process of production of the passport.

Do not forget to pay the receipt in bank. I paid it. I did not manage to pass in a Sberbank branch as to me the fellow jumped up and offered the help. Via the terminal money left to the state later a couple of minutes. Check that in the field “payer“ there were full names of the recipient of the passport (child).

You have on hands all necessary documents and you can go to FMS. You do not hurry and call at first by phone to learn reception hours. We come with documents and uncut photos together with the child (the child, by the way, can come also without you) in due time and we fill in the application form and an address leaf of arrival which will give out to you there. The most detailed samples hang on stands and if something is unclear, then to you will help to dozapolnit documents when you hand over them. You are surprised, but will not demand the passport from you, you even should not undersign anywhere - the child can make everything. In the presence of the employee the child undersigns for the statement, the employee certifies the signature, takes away documents, everything checks and appoints date when it is necessary to take away the passport (in 10 days if you addressed in a place of registration). You happy leave.

In 10 days in the appointed date and time the recipient of the passport comes to department of the Office of the Federal Migration Service and in turn receives the passport. Issue it documents which it gave to the employee, the passport and unused photos if they were more than two. The recipient undersigns for obtaining the passport, carefully checks personal information and a registration and accurately undersigns on the second page of the passport for the column “Personal Signature“. Besides, check given attentively if to notice a mistake too late, then it is necessary to pay for the new passport not 200, but 500 rubles any more if you noticed a mistake in time, then the passport is changed free of charge. Earlier delivery of the passport was very solemn procedure, and now at best will shake hands with you and with a smile will tell “I Congratulate!“, etc. In mine, however, a case there was the following dialogue:
- - All.
- - Thanks, good-bye.
- - Good-bye.
Perhaps, the reason of such cool welcome became bad mood of the passport officer, “responsibility freight“ (passport officers usually always gloomy) or my impudence...

Yes, about impudence. Sometimes there are cases when the passport is required to urgently . For example, you without hurrying filed documents, and several days later there was a need to buy train tickets. The certificate in passport and even if there is one more, then under it you will not buy the ticket since date of a trip for more than 30 days after date of birth (as in my case). Perhaps, it is possible to descend in passport, to ask some reference, then to buy the ticket and after obtaining the passport to set to it on it the seal, but I did not begin to learn the correct solution of this problem and went some other way... I impudently was in department of the Office of the Federal Migration Service moreover and in not business hours and asked to issue the passport before term. It is reasonable to notice, by the way, that the employee answering telephone questions of citizens she is their chief, asked to come just “till a lunch“, i.e. to not reception time. Probably, it is necessary not to set a bad example to respectable people or that the employee at once could make the extraordinary passport, makes documents and the same person gives them to citizens. As it appeared, passports prepare in day of delivery, and my polite request forced the passport officer to run about and make to me the passport out of turn. Later rather long time I was called, I accurately undersigned then there was the above described dialogue. However this action happened on March 7 and in advance laid up chocolate of the impressive size forced the passport officer to smile lovely that I saw for the first time during four visits of the Office of the Federal Migration Service (two times were superfluous of - for the fact that I had a laminated certificate and from - for the fact that did not learn reception time).

Here, in general and all. My situation differed from standard procedure of obtaining the passport only in the fact that I had to receive the duplicate of the birth certificate, from - for what old was laminated well and extraordinary obtaining the passport.

I hope that information stated in this article will help you to imagine clearly procedure of obtaining the passport, and then without problems to carry out it. I wish good luck, and, instead of gloomy passport officers I congratulate your son or the daughter on obtaining the first passport in advance!