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About keys for an antivirus of Eset Nod32

One of the most favourite antiviruses, not only at us, but also abroad, probably Eset Nod. Let`s deal, with it one after another.

What in general it is it Eset NOD32 antivirus?

Eset NOD32 - one of the most popular anti-virus programs, with extremely low use of system resources. By results of testing of one of the most authoritative anti-virus the Internet of editions of the world of “Virus Bulletin“ Eset NOD32 is recognized by the best anti-virus program. All setting up the NOD32 program is carried out in special Control center where it is possible to set parameters of scanning of files, updates of anti-virus base, to adjust automatic loading etc. of

Yes the popularity he received and for one known cunning, its keys itself quickly ban, from one day to 5 days. Therefore it is so heavy to find the necessary keys to it in the Internet.

We will sort a search problem.

We enter in the searcher, for example: keys for nod32 that we receive (a condition that we have that antivirus of ESET) on the top ten of the websites such nonsense jumps out: “ESET Smart Security blocked access to a web - the page. The page is in the list a web - the websites with potentially dangerous contents.“ Well such here nonsense, we put other antivirus and about gods!!! there are no viruses there any more. Not a good method of fight against people of illegal distribution of distribution kits of Anti-virus solutions of NOD32. So searchers and all would ban. Also there would be no problem with keys.

And it is bad to lie in general, information here provided on the website of an anti-virus product.

Statistically from the ESET company, after carried out, in the 4th quarter 2011, checks
more than 500 placed in a domain zone. RU of the websites, regarding illegal distribution of distribution kits of Anti-virus solutions of NOD32, use of the ESET trademarks and distribution of free keys for NOD32, was revealed by

155 websites which pose real virus threat and infect computers of users
of 258 websites who distribute the outdate, modified (infected) ESET NOD32
distribution kits of 489 websites which offer already used free keys for NOD32
I.e. not one website turns out did not give the normal not infected keys. And in general it turns out as it is possible to extend keys with a virus if it is login and the password (I after all am an expert in safety.) it is not the file, then the same Internet of security transferred on the computer even if the code of malicious software was thrust into html or there century of png would notice. In a word lie. Bothered, mind Slovaks do not want to fight against distribution of keys.

And there is a heap of the ways which are specially developed. I personally buy the license because I know as it is difficult to write that I standing and to you personally offer that.

And we know 2 ways of fight:

It to put the website in Bang, like there are viruses and everyones others harmful ON (software), but as you understand, there most likely is nothing.
Same “the punishing sword“ on keys, it is simple to bring in their terrible black list and to put the user that these keys do not work any more.
about keys in principle get them Now on a miscellaneous, beginning from a usual method “guess“ before concrete breaking on a table of the kind user who bought the license.
Can tell that an antivirus of nod32 not such and abrupt, one may say, as free I will use. Yes well it is possible in general and does not put. Such logic there is nothing good will not bring. The antivirus is necessary and to pay I am sure too it is necessary, but to solve already you should paying or not.
Where to take? Look for the websites with small attendance, so your keys to hold on longer.
That needs to be made for updating:
1. To download archive and to razarkhivirovat.
2. To open NOD32-> Updates-> the
2 Settings. To enter login and the password.
4. To press on “to Update“
5. To rejoice to new bases!!!