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Dream to order?

the Problem of value of dreams causes a great interest in the people aspiring to knowledge of. Their real magic is a secret sense of images and plots thanks to which we have an opportunity to track variety and complexity of the mental processes proceeding in our unconscious. Sometimes it happens that people have dreams which completely change their idea of life. This article is devoted to the description and interpretation of such dream.

It is possible to tell that material of this article is stolen. But, fortunately, not in that vulgar sense of which it is possible to think. The matter is that a dream story to me was told by one good friend with an amusing surname - Vanya Loshadkin. The dream dreamed it during the difficult period of life and became some kind of exit from current situation.

For many thousands of years various world civilizations used practice of a so-called intended dream. The practical psychology offers various ways of focusing of thoughts which promote entry into a condition of a dream. At the same time the basic that the person who seeks to cause a certain dream has to make is to put thoughts in order and to clearly formulate the intention.

It is important to note that Vanya knew nothing about practicians of an intended dream, and worked absolutely intuitively what succeeded in as we will see further.

Long time incessantly thinking of problems in own life, my friend, going to bed, decided that to it to dream a dream with the hint how it is necessary to arrive in the circumstances. But everything was not possible to fall asleep in any way. Only at daybreak Vanya saw the following. I actually quote the story told me by the friend as from it as from a song, it is impossible to throw out words.

“Bright day. I stand on the road. By the cart, loaded kegs with wine on which people sit passes. I ask them to give a ride to me, and they agree. My fellow travelers are cheerful young guys. They sing the fervent song which sense that it is time for us to show the valiant courage, daring.

On the way we zayezhat to the city similar to medieval. Before me something rises like the lock with a small chapel which roof is made of color glass. Having got to a chapel, I find in it the Little Boy similar to the elf or the gnome in small green shoes. I with surprise consider it. He pays my attention to drawings from color glass: these are some images, there is a lot of them.

Then I appear in the room similar to a palace terrace. A night, but here gathered many people reminding court. All are excited that the Kind Princess was taken in the hostage by her father - the Dark King. We cannot help the princess because the father promises it to kill if we approach closer.

And here the general attention is drawn by a tower in which behind a prison lattice the silhouette of the beautiful girl is visible. It extraordinary big and at the same time very distinguished. The girl in a golden attire and as if radiates light. In her hands I see a graceful violin. The golden girl plays on her silent, pure, extraordinary sad melody. Suddenly the Dark King begins to break off a piece behind a piece from the Kind Princess as if from a bread roll, and eats. At the same time the Golden Girl withers as a flower.

I am extremely upset and anxious with how to help the Kind Princess. Then I appear in a chapel again: together with the Little Boy we look for the magic word which will be able to release the Kind Princess and to recover the Golden Girl. The little boy finds the wonderful word: this “shine“.

I very much was delighted and again ran on a palace terrace, but it appeared at home. Mother, and behind a window - dawn was near. I saw a huge shadow on a wall and understood that it is the Golden Girl. I tremblingly pronounced the word “shine“ and suddenly understood that the shadow of the girl reflects me. It became is grateful to nod to me.

And suddenly I saw the important neighbor who constantly treats me to morals in real life. He suddenly attacks me. I fight against it and slowly I wake up“.

Vanya guessed completely to write down a dream right after woke up. Otherwise, a lot of things could be lost. We well know how it is difficult to remember the dreams, especially later certain time.

For understanding of sense of a dream, Vanya generally used Robert Johnson`s book, the pupil famous Karl Jung, “Dreams and imaginations“. The essence of a method which is offered by the author of the book consists in carrying out four phases of interpretation of a dream:
1. To pick up associations by the images and plots of a dream from personal experience.
2. To unite associations in a uniform semantic row.
3. To give interpretation of a dream.
4. To execute a certain ritual on moving of value of a dream to real life.

However, according to my friend, any strict logical systems of interpretation of dreams will be always doomed to a failure. The rational reason tries to bring orderliness in irrationality of a dream. The person has to like completely the dream, without drawing any hasty conclusions. Then his intuition will always give the hint to reason to manage to understand this image or a plot.

Here the summary of what Vanya in the dream managed to understand.

“My life cheerfully proceeded in the company of friends. But it is expensive on which we went, brought us into the future where everyone chooses the personal way. The fear began to dominate over good, because of many problems. From it my soul began to wither. I tried to understand what disturbs me what I want and that to me to do. The answer which came in a dream was the word “Shine“. I need to overthrow the Dark King and to learn to serve the Kind Princess. Then the Golden Girl will not die, but will be will shine, and the melody of its violin will never be stopped. Mother loves

and hopes for me, and I conduct the wrong life about which all speak very much around, in particular - the neighbor, the fan to argue about my immoral life. I have to correct the behavior, then its image will not attack me in a dream“.

Interpretation of a dream is deeply individual process. It depends on our character, life experience, the purposes, the principles. Therefore to sort dreams according to various dream books I advise nobody. Vanya understood the dream quite so and it has no doubts in correctness of analysis. And it, perhaps, the most important - personal intuitive confidence in the correct understanding that dreamed you.

Now Vanya graduates from the institute, gives very quite good hopes. According to him, this dream helped it to understand itself and to understand that in our life it is really important. For my friend - this service to the Kind Princess and protection of the right to shine for the Golden Girl, his own soul.

I think that on the example of the given dream and you will be able to order an own dream. I wish that it brought you joy.