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Magnetic storms: what a misfortune and as to endure it?

About 10% of young people are sensitive to magnetic storms. With age this percent grows. After 50 years practically everyone feels on himself influence of these phenomena. Magnetic storms are indignations of a magnetic field of Earth, that is violation of a background, habitual for a human body. They are observed at the same time on all planet and can last from several hours to several days.

We will try to understand the physical nature of this phenomenon. The sun in essence - a huge gas sphere. Through “holes“ in its magnetic fields in interplanetary space the plasma stream (solar substance) of huge temperature constantly follows. This phenomenon carries the poetical name - solar wind . Gradually adding speed, the stream of solar substance is carried on all Solar system and is far out of its limits. During the periods of solar activity emissions of plasma increase several times. In 2 - 3 days the shock wave formed as a result of flash reaches a terrestrial orbit, completely enveloping the planet. Under the influence of solar wind there are indignations of magnetic fields of Earth. The compass, naturally, still indicates the North, and here more sensitive devices fix magnetic storms. With the end of the period of solar activity of the indication of devices will return to normal, and together with them and health.

Besides age, sensitivity by magnetic storms is influenced by existence of diseases. During such periods all our illnesses are felt much more sharply, the coronary heart disease, diabetes, mental disorders and many other diseases which were not disturbing us earlier have an effect. Magnetic storms for the people who endured heart attacks and strokes are especially terrible - old sores remind of themselves, the health sharply worsens. So it is possible to call magnetic storms the health indicator.

Why the person living for millions of kilometers from the Sun so sharply reacts to its activity? There are several hypotheses explaining influence of magnetic storms on a human body. It agrees one of them, each person (however, as well as an animal or an insect) possesses a set of ways of magnetoreception, i.e. communication with a magnetic field of Earth. Magnetoreception plays a huge role in life of the insects and birds who are unmistakably determining the direction of flight by a magnetic field of Earth. In the similar way the lost cat easily finds a way home. All live on Earth actively uses the “an internal compass“, at the person it is almost atrophied.

We got used to insignificant fluctuations of a magnetic field and we do not react to them. However at serious magnetic indignations ours “internal sensors“ work. As well as in any stressful situation, there is an adrenaline emission. Respectively, arterial pressure increases that in itself is unpleasant, and in combination with chronic diseases threatens with serious consequences. From here frustration of a dream, indisposition, exacerbation of diseases.

How to save itself from influence of these natural cataclysms? Scientists long puzzled over this problem. In vitro the person closed the special filter, and it managed to avoid influence of magnetic storms. Here only this experiment did not solve a problem.

How to escape to the ordinary people who do not have an opportunity to take cover behind the screen? Doctors advise to know the enemy by sight, namely - not to wait for manifestation of unpleasant symptoms and in advance to be examined regarding chronic diseases. So, at least, you will be ready to possible deterioration in health. In the period of magnetic storms of a disease become aggravated therefore do not forget to take the medicine appointed by the doctor. Many during such periods feel severe headaches, escaping only tablets.

Anyway, medicine needs to be selected individually, proceeding from age of the person, existence of diseases and sensitivity to magnetic fluctuations. The best protection is a care about own health. The strong, healthy constitution is steadier against external influences, so no magnetic storms to it are terrible.