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Gloves: fashionable accessory or the most ancient subject of clothes?

of the Glove appeared long ago, but for all history of the existence never got out of fashion. One of the most ancient gloves was found in 1922 in Tutankhamun`s tomb.

In homeric “Odyssey“ slaves before a hard work put on mittens to preserve hands. Therefore, in the ancient time gloves were used for work.

At the same time, according to the Ancient Greek historian Xenophon who visited in the 3rd century BC Mesopotamia, Persians used fur gloves for rescue from cold. The historian laughs at them, ironically calling “glovers“ mollycoddles in spite of the fact that on his homeland soldiers protected hands, winding them with leather belts.

Further all in use of gloves ancient Romans went. They put on them not only during the rough works and in cold weather, but also being accepted to food. Tableware was not in those days yet, and at a table it was easy to be soiled, burn and even to be wounded therefore without gloves did not eat. Custom to protect hands during food remained and in the Middle Ages, however, then gloves were succeeded by confidants from thin, but strong skin who pulled only on fingers.

At many people of function of gloves carried out the long sleeves characteristic, for example, of east and Slavic clothes. They helped out in hard frosts and helped at transfer of hot. The clothes with long sleeves were popular up to the 19th century, generally among the poor.

Gradually gloves stopped being a symbol of slavery and the poor and entered life of well-founded and dear segments of the population. In the 6th century they become indispensable attribute of church ceremonies. During dedication of the ecclesiastic in the bishop`s dignity, the Father, along with other objects, handed it pair of gloves.

During the Renaissance era the cult of a glove gains further development.

Having become in the 12th century part of knightly equipment, they were perceived as a symbol of bravery and courage. All feelings and emotions were expressed by means of gloves: expression of love, a summons for duel, an award for the shown bravery and a deadly insult - gloves became an integral part of life.

Gradually from a piece of knightly equipment of a glove turned into an accessory of an aristocratic suit. Wealthy men and women of Renaissance wore the gloves decorated with silver, gold, pearls.

In the 16th century the Spanish grandees had a difficult “glove“ ceremonial. Gloves were forbidden to be put on in the presence of the Father and royal family, in church and on a funeral, during mourning and in holidays. Indecent was considered to offer to the lady the hand dressed in a glove. The huge number of bans forced men not to put on gloves at all, carrying them behind a belt.

In the 17th century the right to flaunt in gloves entirely passed to women. Only by the beginning of the 19th century they crept in man`s fashion again.

The resident of Grenoble Xavier Juven became the first master who arranged industrial production of gloves. Having got a job in hospital, it had an opportunity to study hands of the dead. As a result it allocated 32 standard sizes. The invention of a new way of cutting of gloves from an integral piece of fabric or skin together with a thumb became its following step.

In 1807 the English inventor James Vinter patented the car for tailoring of gloves. Then there were also first stretching rubber gloves.

At the time of Great French revolution cotton gloves with a woven pattern - mitts (fr. Mitzines) were born. At the beginning of the 20th century of the woman of fashion completed them with openwork stockings.

The word “gloves“ on the origin the Russian. In the 16th century in the Russian villages perschatka, perchanka, perstannitsa carried (“finger“ - a finger) - from here and gloves went.

Many signs and beliefs are connected with gloves. In Russia to lose them was considered as an omen of misfortune. And in some villages hair cut in gloves that grew better. Speak about dandies and mollycoddles: “They in gloves wash“. And will tell about the unfortunate person: “Crumpled it as a glove“.

Gloves became an integral part of history. At various times treated them differently, however today we simply do not think of the clothes without this accessory.