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How to estimate a piece of antiques?

can Almost be found in each house some piece of antiques, whether it be the set of tableware which remained from the grandmother or the old watch with an inscription of times of October revolution which got from the great-grandfather.

Spoons, forks, coasters, samovars, plates, figurines, and even old photos with the image of people unfamiliar to you - all this is objects of old times presently and has the value.

How to understand whether there is something a subject belonging to you, or just in vain takes the place? First of all, if you already decided to get rid of something, you begin to look in local newspapers, to consider bulletin boards and to find messages of the following character: “Purchase expensively to objects of old times, antiques, porcelain, books, photos etc.“ of course, the word “ is expensive “ bribes at once, and you begin to call the author of the announcement. But most often you get not on the collector, and on the dealer whose task - to buy from you something cheaper, and then to resell the necessary person more expensively.

Other option - to approach in antique shop. Here can offer you quite certain sum for your thing, however you remember that such shops have the interest too, it is their work.

Present yourself on the place of the buyer. To you the person who wants to sell something comes, but he does not even know how many it will cost, but money, apparently, is very necessary and necessary to him right now. What do you offer it? Really do not want to give yourself favorable “discount“ upon purchase? Therefore not to be in ignorance, we will try to estimate at first what you possess.

We open search engine and “the antiquarian forum“ is gathered. We are registered at several forums at once - you want to hear an objective assessment? Now we take the good picture of your things. If it is a figurine - we photograph in several foreshortenings, surely we show a brand. If it is the old photo - do not forget to photograph also a reverse side where year and the name of a photographer`s studio are specified. Photos have to be accurate, objects - are well lit. Then in the corresponding subjects of a forum we post the photos and it is in detail described - the sizes, material, a state etc. Answers can follow at once, and it is possible, nobody will react to your message.

What “experts“ and “professionals“ can advise you? The probability to hear really rough estimate of your thing is high (but you remember that everything depends on quality of photos which will most precisely transfer a condition of a subject). Also such answers are possible: “I for it will not give more than 100 rubles“, “Send to a fire chamber better - it is possible“. But you do not hurry to trust everything told. Perhaps, this subject also really “is possible“, but it “nothing“ can mean 10 - 15 dollars which, maybe, for someone and “nothing“, and for someone are money. On each goods there will always be the merchant. If on the subject created by you at a forum any reaction follows if in personal messages to you offers on purchase begin to arrive, so you possess really something standing.

And now we will try to compare similar offers from other sellers. If it is inconvenient to you to go to antique shop in the city, you can make the same, visit virtual shop. Such exists on Internet open spaces already much. Also you can glance on popular the Internet - auctions where on each thing the seller not only puts the price, but also accepts rates, and it is possible to determine by quantity of rates how popular this thing among collectors.

To find a similar subject happens not always simply. Let`s say you have a book where are specified the author, publishing house, year of the edition etc. You type all these data in the searcher and, quite possibly, find the necessary options. And if, for example, you have some silver spoon? On it there is a brand but some unclear - not letters, not figures, but some intricate patterns. How to recognize the producer? Here besides it is necessary to ask for the help professionals. You create at an antiquarian forum a subject, but with the heading “I Ask to Help to Attribute This Subject“, and specialists in silver with pleasure will show the knowledge and will prompt the correct answer, as a last resort, will direct you to the reference book of brands of manufacturers. And already knowing who and when made your silver spoon, it will be simple to you to find similar offers on sale, and it is possible, you will find just the same spoon - the twin with quite certain price tag.

It should be noted that collectors, as a rule, well are guided only in the sphere. For example, someone collects samovars, and it is not aware at all how many can there is some porcelain figurine. And someone, for example, is interested in molding of Kaslinsky plant from where then to it to know the true cost of the book of the end of the 18th century?

Therefore perceive any answer of rather estimated cost of your thing received by you as subjective. Someone, perhaps, will pay more, someone is ready to leave only and a half the sum designated by you. Only you can quote the final price of your thing. Also you remember that the antiques possess important property: its value over the years only increases...