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What prevents people to create masterpieces?

Happen in life the difficult periods when it is necessary to make the important decision or when from a constant stress around there is a head. At such moments there is a wish to distract somehow. For example, as in the childhood to tell: “I will draw now“. And, really, to begin to draw.

Perhaps, it will cause bewilderment in house, it is possible even that left from - under brushes the cloth will be estimated very skeptically. But to create the, personal masterpieces, approval or disapproval of people around is not necessary at all.

Many people in the period of a stress involuntarily catch themselves on desire to draw. And often this desire remains unsatisfied, there will always be affairs more “important“ - the TV or chatter by phone... Meanwhile, the art - therapy, that is treatment by art, helps at crises, during losses, at stresses, and also during personal searches. Art - therapy is good the fact that it has no contraindications and has no age restrictions.

Besides to draw, optional to be Raphael. Creation of simple, childlike drawings gives the chance to express the moods, to speak the problems, to splash out on a sheet of paper or on a canvas become painful or concerning. Let the art - therapies do not confuse new followers imperfection of lines and images. Today naive art becomes more and more popular genre of painting. Besides the naivnoyeiskusstvo is represented not by professionals, but big fans to mix paints and to draw with all the heart. To these nonprofessionals, representatives an art - naivety, it is possible to carry known, thanks to the hobby, persons.

Henri Rousseau (1844 - 1910) - the employee of customs service and besides - the author of the exotic world of the unknown jungle. Russo`s palette is rich with bright, rich colors. Henri Rousseau`s works were highly appreciated already by contemporaries.

Nicko Pirosmani (1862 - 1918) - drew signs for benches, the black background of his many pictures is caused by the fact that they were created on improvised material, most often on oilcloths.

Anna Maria Robertson Mozes (1860 - 1961), better known as the Grandmother Mozes, began to draw in seventy years when she could not embroider more from - for arthritis. Household scenes and winter landscapes are characteristic of her creativity.

Ekaterina Belokur (Bilokur) (1900 - 1961) - the creator of unique flower still lifes. Ekaterina made the first attempts to draw in the childhood, but the family considered that country work is most important for the girl, forbade to draw it and even punished. In thirty four years, after two unsuccessful attempts to come to art technical school, after desperate attempt of suicide, it makes the firm decision to be an artist, without having got any support from a family. Step by step she went towards the aim, drawing flowers and still lifes. Pablo Picasso recognized her as the ingenious artist.

It can seem surprising, but all from above-mentioned authors began to draw seriously already at mature age and without having any art education.

Now creating an art in a genre - naivety more and more, which is not surprising, the age, a nationality, religion, political views, an origin, a social status are not important for naive art. Here it is not necessary to compete with anybody, it is possible to draw only for himself.

Not to go deep into terms, one may say, that naive art is a special mood, a zhizneutverzhdeniye, sincerity, a childhood kaleidoscope, feeling of infinity and perfection of life, reminiscence of the touching moments, love for life.

Just imagine - it is only worth rejecting fears and uncertainty, to choose free minute, to take a pencil and paper in hand, and it is even more interesting - to take brushes, paints and a canvas and to begin surprising, fine, fascinating process of creation of a picture. The main thing - to realize that nobody can stop you in creation of your own masterpiece, except you.