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It is exciting to grow thin? Psychological loading of

In the previous parts we considered how it is necessary to eat and train to bring the body and an organism into the necessary form. Everything, apparently, is simple, but how to force itself to go in for physical culture how not to break and to eat too much ice cream for the night how to cope with desire to throw all trainings and to forget about healthy nutrition?

For a start there is a wish to calm a little you. If your style of food - healthy healthy food, then I doubt that you never wanted to eat the cake presented without the reason, or fat such fried meat. Perhaps, you even mentally become the magic fairy for an instant and grant own desire. And then you are sorry about it. Well, it not always so, of course. And so, similar “failure“ - business, of course, not really good, but sometimes quite admissible. However it is necessary “to break“ by some simple rules.

In - the first as far as it is possible, plan this most “obzhorny day“. For example, you can indulge yourself on some holiday. In - the second before is, need to be drunk usual absorbent carbon (1 tablet on 10 kg of weight). Coal will help your stomach to process better food and will relieve of weight and feeling sick. In - the third, it would be quite good to arrange himself unloading in previous or next day. On the Internet there are descriptions of a huge number of ways of unloading, but the best is a complete elimination of food for all day. Nothing is, only to drink mineral water, tea with a lemon (without sugar, it is natural) or “honey water“ (about 0,5 tablespoons of honey on 100 g).

Of course, with such “sryvny“ days it is better not to speak rapidly, differently - all your weight loss to nothing!

We will return directly to psychology. I think, each growing thin girl including you, sets to itself some purposes and installations. They are put to stop the hand reaching for condensed milk and to overcome the laziness which is persistently not releasing you from a sofa.

Undoubtedly, such installations are necessary for achievement of a goal, but also they have to be correct. And it is simple to make them correct very much even! The matter is that our subconsciousness very badly perceives and understands a particle “not“. When you speak to yourself: “You do not eat after six!“ - your brain hears: “You eat after six“. If you speak: “Be not lazy to play sports!“ - your brain hears: “Be lazy to play sports“. For this simple reason for many girls it is difficult to follow these installations. Reconstruct these phrases so that the negative particle was absent, it is not difficult. “you do not eat after six“ = “Stop to eat after six“. “Be not lazy to play sports“ = “It is necessary to play sports“.

To force itself to carry out all exercises, it is necessary to have remarkable will power! But if with it you not in very good relations, then it is possible to try to arrive a little differently. For a start it is necessary “to motivate“ somehow itself, that is to convince that it is really necessary for the sake of achievement of some important purpose. For example, you want to become a model. It is clear, that for this purpose it is necessary to have a good figure.

Or you already throughout long time are in love with someone, but without good figure of chances of reciprocity is not present. Own health, even own life will become a quite good motivator also! It is worth to remember that leg and back pains, fatigue, the complicated breath, heart troubles and other bodies are peculiar to owners of excess weight. And it is not jokes. It is not necessary to start itself, and if business reached before, then it is necessary to come back in every way to a good form.

You can try to hang up on the refrigerator a photo of the person with an ideal figure to which you need to aspire. When you go to the refrigerator to eat something harmful, look at this photo and hundred times you will think before opening a grocery case.

There is an option to promise itself that if you grow thin, then by all means present yourself what was wanted to be got long ago.

If to force itself be engaged, for example, in a gym you cannot, then other people can come to the rescue and make it for you. The trainer not only will help with the hall with exercises, but also will scold if you badly are engaged, will force if it is necessary, to run a kilometer more - another on a racetrack. Anyone can replace the trainer - both the girlfriend, and the young man, and the relative.

By the way, occupations with somebody (it is admissible, with the girlfriend) will help you to try more. The internal voice will force to be engaged more persistently and more qualitatively, you just cannot and should not be worse, more fat and slabovolny than someone another! I think, this option is enough - quite good.

Here also the cycle of articles about how to put the body in order with advantage for health ended. Of course, to bring together all councils and recommendations it is unreal, but I told you the main. I think, now you will be able to forget about hunger strikes, eternal diets and remember such fine things as healthy food and physical culture.

Then you will be able productively to postroynet, and the left kilograms will say goodbye to you for very long time.