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Assorted fish, the forgotten names of the Astrakhan hunters the forgotten words

Assorted fish, the forgotten names of the Astrakhan hunters. [/URL] Hello dear readers of the blog Be caught a small fish it is small and big! Today we continue the story about that how long fishermen on the Lower Volga this continuation by that lifted in articles conduct trade: An eye, akhan and vavilona, the Most ancient occupation of Residents of Astrakhan, the Mandative log hut and still some articles from the heading History of Fishermen here one more with the beautiful name Assorted fish, the forgotten names Astrakhan Assorted fish of hunters.

Assorted fish, ANChUTKA, BEShENKA And VYuN Language of the Astrakhan hunters was really peculiar and to the modern person would seem to straight lines of relatives the hair dryer. Not only the name, but also fish had networks, boats and other stock. So, the white salmon was called “white“, “squirrel“, “belorybky“, and after a throwing of caviar became “stork“. Named “humpback salmon“ a beluga from 230 to 250 cm long, and “Kaluga“ - belugas of the big sizes. “To peep“ - slightly contemptuous name for a sterlet size in five vershoks, not less offensive nickname - “ñåãîëåòî÷åê“, “ñåëåòî÷åê“ - was at whitebaits of a sturgeon and a sterlet. “Chalbyshy“ called an undersized sturgeon. Fish of valuable breeds since the most ancient times was the most desired dish on any table, and first of all on imperial. Imperial fish and had an imperial size. In A. Schultz`s article (1874) it was mentioned that in 1813 hunters caught a beluga weighing 80 poods in whom there were 16 poods of caviar in the sea. According to the same author, “in Volga sturgeons from 3 to 5 poods of weight often meet. The starred sturgeon makes the most numerous type of a sturgeon sort, average weight of her 15 pounds, and the sterlet seldom reaches one pood“. With 10 - 20 - x 19 century began to catch strenuously a pike perch, the bream and a sazan - so-called “white fish“ here such assorted fish. They had special names too: called “bershovnik“ a small pike perch, “hlopuny“ - the largest pike perch from 75 cm and more. Sazans had the formation too: - a nickname of a small sazan up to 18 cm long, and “ëàïûø“ - a small sazan to 27 cm of Frantsuzistaya the nickname “shirman“ the bream got “croaker“. The pike was called on primordially Russian harmony - “ann“, by “annushka“, “anchurka“, “anyuta“, “íþñÿ“. In 40 - x 19 century caught a herring from which first just melted fat, and ten years later already learned to salt it. “Resident of Astrakhan“, “agrakhanka“, “beshenka“, “vesyolka“, “chernospinka“, “chernozubka“, “zheleznitsa“ - all this local names of a herring. Also the special look - “princeling“ - a herring with the fins which are brightly painted in red color was allocated. The technical fat melted from a herring was applied in soap manufacture and the tanning industry, besides it was used for lighting of streets in big cities. By the end 19 - to the beginning of 20 centuries fish, long time being considered as “weed“ - a vobla, a sopa went to a catch. “There are a little years ago for hunters who were engaged in fishing of more valuable fish, the vobla made true punishment because, filling with itself all seines, took away time and work, expensive during this time, from workers, then it was just thrown out back in water or on the coast where perished in an uncountable set“, - the contemporary wrote. Local names at this category of fish were deprived of poetry and a folksy humour: “bolsheglazka“, “beloglazka“ - a sopa; “âüþí“ - a lamprey, “ïîäñåä“ - a trifle of a vobla. At the beginning of 20 century became interested also in the Caspian sprat. In January, 1916 it was authorized to begin experiences of trade fishing and preparation for the future of sprats with spring of 1917. As readers understand, experiences had to be postponed. Article Assorted fish, the forgotten names of the Astrakhan hunters announcing further I plan still a two-three of articles for this subject therefore I very much want to learn your opinion on article comment please???