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Sufferings - the key to success?

Well at last, I thought, a white strip! Life is that is called adjusted. The horoscope, strangely enough, this time did not tell lies: finance finished the tiresome romances, on the horizon princes charming, and with them - and career prospects loomed.

Funny, it only at me - if it`s not one thing, it`s another? Either everything, or anything. And at all not in that pathos value that it would be desirable, and in absolutely banal - if it is impossible, then really nothing leaves and vice versa if it turns out, everything!, It seems, what to complain of if life was adjusted? Shut up also seize the moment until the destiny changed the mind and did not nadavat to you on joyfully - happy buttocks. But what is it? Where creative energy got to? Inspiration, where you? A muse, ku - ku?

I was always surprised why during the periods when it seems that life “the sediment, and any more all the same will not be better“, it is worth making only a few efforts - and the world in literal sense rises upside down?

Unfortunate love, youth, a sit-round gathering in the yard with a guitar, languishing looks, shy touches, inspired notes and the most valuable gifts in the world - boxes with a chewing gum and candies … Or their absence … How many emotions, experiences, thoughts. And how many creativity, the used-up diary notebooks, drawings and other nonsense. Whether but nonsense?

From where all this undertakes? Why, growing, all of us lost it, all romanticism turned into a mask of the disgusting cynicism which is covered, in turn, with a mask of so-called realism. At the exit - a continuous dullness, day, like two peas in the pod similar on yesterday`s and exactly - in - exactly, as tomorrow`s. No emotions, strong feelings, anything fine, as well as awful, in life are present also, according to especially zealous adherents of “realism“, will not be.

We will return on the guilty earth. People, opinions, perception - are not present any identical. Why the great geniuses who created tremendous things, masterpieces of literature, cinema, music, painting, a sculpture, anyway in the majority - are unfortunate? Unless it is not logical that everything has to be on the contrary? How the unfortunate person can create something so magnificent what it will pass through centuries? On the contrary, unless there should not be this creator happy?

Psychologists claim that if, for example, the person is meekly in love, then (both mental, and physical) he redistributes part of the love energy, or sublimates, to other area of the life and as love - the strongest driving mechanism, this person tries to obtain success in that area to which course it managed to send this energy.

It is confused? Perhaps. Nevertheless, if it is simpler to consider - and it turns out: the person has a certain complexity - will tell, the girl (or the young man) the meek feeling of passion gnaws, or, for example, in the relations with darling something is not got on. Our girl begins to think constantly of a notorious problem, to beat it in the head this way and that an infinite set of times. In the course of judgment of a situation the set of adjacent thoughts, ideas appears. And if the person inherently creative, he sends these ideas and thoughts to the creativity - it can be a picture, a sculpture, the book, music.

Though optional it has to be the unfortunate love. Strong emotions in us also something can cause another: the conflict in society, policy, fashion, television, music, and can - just a trip on an attraction, and other, other - at all in own way therefore I also reminded about identity of perception of different people. As for the people not inclined to prove in art or literature, it does not do them not creative at all. Just their creativity is expressed in another. Many entirely devote themselves to favourite work, someone hits in belief, others are fond of sport and, you see, it is beautiful to go into hysterics and beat ware too it is necessary to be able! I joke.

Each of us needs surges in emotions - for a shake-up, an exit from hibernation. Such natural selection. And you will lower hands? No, I will create a work of art! And let it will be art only for you, the main thing - to express itself. Or, perhaps, to splash out energy. What for? Everything is simple. If energy does not go outside, it goes inside. Simple example from a school course of physics. In what case the device will sustain the greatest damage: if falls, and its details will scatter on all room, or if it falls, but will remain whole? Truly, if energy of blow turns into energy of the movement of details of the device. Of course, the person is arranged slightly more difficult than any device, nevertheless, the same principle.

So what we have? That it is better: a dolce vita without problems or interesting creative life with the disorders and questions. The perception will decide - to make for you life or happy in all its manifestations, or unhappy (besides) in all manifestations. Things are easy - to agree with own perception! Good luck!