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Why to us Krebs`s cycle or Where dotage is buried?

... “The Souffle Piece Today Actually wash the whole Pineapple I Obed“ - a mnemotichesky counting rhyme for storing of the acids participating in Krebs`s cycle, the biochemical scheme of development of energy any live organism. (The understanding in itself what there is a speech about, already not bad maintains ability to stay in senses and sober memory at respectable age.)

I am a potential vegetable, on extremely measure, in the third generation. My grandmother had this illness, and my father with whom I live under the same roof is in an active phase of dotage, or, in a modern intertrepation (my spelling not always copes), is the Alzheimer`s disease carrier.

And what to do to me - to make the anthology of a disease and through virtual to monitor achievements of science (and suddenly something like that will be thought up, like the new tale of the kind good fellow, the fair maiden and rejuvenating apples)?

Senile dementia (if not laziness, click Wikipedia) - not enough pleasure, meanwhile in a varying degree she waits for everyone.

But where the wisest elders who were so esteemed in the ancient East were gone in today`s world and, I think, not only there? Where the truth of the known old Abkhazian legend of the Asheysky gorge got to?

The ailing old men becoming by a burden for the tribe, children carried on the unapproachable rock for the fastest leaving to the world other that those did not eat resources, valuable to new life, without advantage and did not take away time necessary for production of livelihood and education of children, for tiresome personal care.

However one grateful son, secretly feeding up the father on this rock, by means of his councils and a practical knowledge of life helped the tribe to avoid big adversities. The people understood the price of wisdom of the old person, and Scala of old men in that gorge reminds to this day of how people need sometimes a good advice, slow conversation, the unostentatious help and an objective view on problems grown wise a long course of life of the loving grandfather.

Where the modern world feeding incalculable and escalating army of the victims of age perturbations slides? Whether the present foolish, nervous, fixated on a negative residents of the megalopolis will cope with mission of dear elders?

You want or you do not want, but to think of the next epitaph, I mean to make the decision on an occasion of the prospects, it is necessary to everyone personally. It is possible not to make also any decision, to live as it is necessary, it is a position too. And, as the famous hero spoke, - believe it or not, and waits for us … and here on understanding of everyone.

All this about advantage of jam, carbohydrates that is. To “Shyeshta“ of sweet - also remember how “eat“ the word it is written, through “with“ or “ø“, without spying the hint in the spelling dictionary.

Now about the main thing. So than there lived people in old times on what they so abruptly went round us, despite all our inexhaustible resources and vast achievements scientifically - technical progress, it I about atom, informatics and others. And they led natural life, being coordinated with biological rhythms. They lived as at us lives unless only the creative intellectuals now.

As L. N. Tolstoy, “noticed happiness not in doing always that you want, and in always to want what you do“.

Commensurating requirements of a body and soul, they (ancestors) intuitively followed a personal biological rhythm. As all this is far from us, the chelovek squeezed by the technogenic conventions, conventions which are thought up allegedly for following on the way of achievement of a main goal now - competitive productivity something for someone.

As a matter of fact, that`s all. And against what will win a result - the liberty of life of ancestors which is not held down by fetters of far-fetched rigid conventions or a strict artificial order (the program, a rhythm, speed, etc.) the present - life will solve, probably.

And here dementia? So it main result of technical progress, result of influence of its main attributes. One more quote asks: “... The special and unique or repeating and general, universal, concrete or abstract, perpetual motion or rest, internal or external, quality or quantity, dependence on culture or the timeless principles, struggle of spirit and self-change as a constant condition of the person or an opportunity (and desirability) rest, about, final harmony and satisfaction of all reasonable human desires - some aspects of this contrast are that“ (Isaiah Berlin, “To what to give preference?“).

And the last. The system of the progressing predisposition conducts not only to personal marasmus. We vote for Putin?

P. S. It is time to gather for work. I devote work to my beloveds - the wife (she is an editor) and the daughter. Live with the world in the world.