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What long-term operation of our electric devices depends on?

Ya I want to mention important points from life of each user by electric devices. All of us to some extent use every day power supply for operation of the electric devices. Beginning from an electric kettle and finishing with difficult machines for production.

Each of us is interested in long and no-failure operation of the bought electric device, all of us want to use it long and to derive the maximum pleasure and advantage.
On what no-failure operation of our electric equipment depends?
Someone will tell that it is a rhetorical question and does not demand the answer because and so everything is clear and clear. But on this question there can be several answers at the simple consumer:
- needs to operate correctly the electric device, not to allow it to heat up, not to close air vents, to clean dust.
- not to drop and not to break it.
- not to include at once when from a frost you bring it to the warm room.
- etc.
Ya I think, many users and do. Whether you had to use sometime the electric devices in the train (the laptop, the mobile phone, the razor etc.) ? It is sure, it does most of people, especially when in it there is a big need, for example: to charge the mobile phone. I do not know as you, but it is for some reason frightening to me to use the socket in the train, and on it there are reasons. The main reason is a quality of power supply. I want to talk about it in more detail.
Ya I remember one of cases when because of a power surge in one of settlements of the Crimea, on two streets one of the main electric devices in the house - the refrigerator, the TV etc. failed. It was shock for residents of this town. As the expert my company was invited to carry out the independent analysis, for the purpose of compensation of damage. I will deeply not go to details of this case, but I will note that all this did not end so simply and easily for victims.
One more case from my practice was connected with commercial structure. It is big transport company, known in Ukraine, which made large sums in the electric equipment connected with logistics. You, probably, can imagine what is logistics for transport company and as it is important for this company to send freight precisely to the address and in time. And so one of important blocks of this expensive equipment fails.
Was carried out the deep analysis quality of the electric power which it ate, and other possible deviations from the normal modes of operation of this block are investigated. Then elimination of these deviations and replacement of the failed equipment followed.
Not so long ago I returned from India where spent the holidays and as the person connected with electricity paid the attention to all details of the Indian power supply. At the same time most of all I was surprised by frequent blackouts during my holiday. Before the return home to me five hours (because of strong fog) were necessary to stay in the airport and during this time through everyone half an hour there were shutdowns of electricity. I do not know the true reason of shutdowns, but the fact that it prevents to work to personnel is the fact. Put baggage on scales, there took place shutdown, remove, wait when computers and other equipment, and so several times a day are reinstalled. How you think whether will long work the difficult modern equipment at such operation? The answer one - is not present.
But we it is not India, and in our country even in regional and furthermore at the international airport would not allow such frequent shutdowns, and here the qualitative product in the form of our electric power raises doubts. In this article I do not try to analyze the reasons of bad quality of the electric power, I only want to pay attention that such problems exist. Especially it can painfully affect expensive and exact electric equipment used in production. The enterprise invested big money in the equipment and wants to gain income, and there is no income as there are continuous breakages, electric motors and automatic equipment fail.
What to do in this case?
I Want to recommend you very good way of quality check of the electric power. Install for 3 - 5 days the analyzer of quality of power supply for three-phase networks, and then carry out the analysis of the obtained data. This device will bring all data to the computer and will show you a full picture. After that you will already know what to do farther. If an indicator of quality of the electric power low, then write letters to the power selling organization, and for completeness of your intentions write the letter to Gosenergonadzor, i.e. to that body which is obliged to watch it. I recommend to refresh also in memory the contract for use of the electric power between you and the seller. Most often the seller tries to shift quality problems to the consumer and if to speak about monetary compensation (at an emergency situation) from the seller, then these sums will be scanty in the ratio with losses on repair or purchase of the new equipment. Therefore questions of quality concern more only you as consumer.
to improve quality of the electric power can establish a voltage stabilizer, it will secure electric devices against fluctuations of tension in a network which happen regularly, despite all attempts to resist to it. The voltage stabilizer is a device which is powered from our unstable electric networks which give tension other than 380 V of 10% demanded according to the standard. As output tension stabilizers are divided into stabilizers of direct and alternating current. For a right choice of model of the stabilizer you have to count the sum of capacities of all your electroconsumers needing simultaneous supply with the electric power. You remember also that electric motors at start-up need higher power. Stabilizers can be picked up both for office, and for big production shops.

I also to you recommend to carry out electroaudit of all your electrical facilities and to make the full report with all data on the basis of which you will be able to control a situation completely.
generally, think, solve and act. Progress.