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Like cures like, or new approach to weight loss of

“Recipe“ of weight loss it is banal it is simple - to reduce consumption of calories. To realize this principle incredibly difficult. Excess weight is almost always the psychological reasons.
A therefore it is necessary to fight against an overeating too psychological “lotions“!
So, we will consider one after another necessary actions:

1. It is necessary to analyse under what circumstances we begin it is unceasing “to thresh“ jaws. Perhaps, it occurs on the way. Or when we strain the gray substance, working at the computer?
Or perhaps a gluttony overtakes us at the moments of sincere disorders? Or when uncertainty, painful expectations torments? And the chewing reflex can works at turning on of the TV? You realize the overeating reasons - be hit in hands a key to restraint of excessive appetite.

2. Control the behavior. Keep the diary! Right after food describe: when ate that ate how many ate in what time ate food under what circumstances that was felt during food.
Council at first sight ridiculous, and following to it - thankless and tiresome job. But the people who checked this recommendation in practice received stunning results. They stopped a gluttony, infinite having a snack by high-calorific food. And as a result - considerable weight reduction.

3. When something to eat desire becomes intolerable, eat that - nibud low-calorie. It can be apple or carrot, a celery or a pear. And better in general clean any chips, nutlets, sweets far and for a long time!

4. Also. P. Pavlov claimed that conditioned reflexes can be developed purposefully. Conditional - they therefore so are called that are developed under certain conditions. So develop at yourself new reflexes on food and muffle old! Eat only in one certain place, even when it is necessary to eat one small piece or to drink the only draft.

5. Eat and have even a bite only from separate refined ware, use napkins of bright color, pleasant for you. It is desirable even to take this tableware with itself when it is necessary to eat outdoors.

6. Slow down process of food. Consider during food literally each piece and each drink. Made three stings - postpone a spoon, carefully chew a piece and swallow. Gradually extend such pauses about one minute and more. At first apply these pauses at the end of food, then they are easier transferred. Gradually pauses can be postponed to the beginning of food, to increase their quantity.

7. Do not combine food with any other occupations. Direct all attention to process of food and derive pleasure from food. Postpone reading newspapers, viewing of telecasts for other moment. Do not arrange discussion at a table.

8. Encourage yourself for the achieved results in fight against excess weight and even for new behavior. Points are added also for maintaining the diary, and for calculation of pieces and drafts, and for pauses during meal, and for food in one certain place from the same ware.

You thank yourself for refusal of food at the time of a temptation. Saved up a certain quantity of points - receive in advance stipulated gift from family members. Or, if you live one, to yourself think up a pleasant surprise. And maybe, you have more to liking remuneration for each thrown-off kilogram?

9. Argue with yourself. Put forward arguments and look for to them counterarguments. For example, argument: “Weight loss demands a lot of time“, the counterargument can be such: “But after all I grow thin“. Doubts about the abilities: “I always came to grief in similar undertakings. Why now something has to help me? Counterargument: “Everything once begins, and now I will grow thin thanks to the effective program“.

Objection: “Beyond my powers to stop constant having a snack“. Counterargument: “It is really unreal. I just will do it less often“. And if from fight for weight loss take away thoughts of heredity: “In our sort all full“, more difficult does not mean it is impossible.

Apply these recipes to weight loss and you with guarantee will leave extra kilos!