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How much is Leonardo da Vinci`s bag?

Somehow accepted cash desk at one enterprise. In total as it is necessary. Cashier, sheet. We consider, we recalculate, result that on a result leaves also disagreements at transferring and does not cause a host, - we write down. In figures and copy-book. The last - for those who do not know figures. Or at whom they in eyes appear doubled.

Or perhaps also troitsya. And it sometimes happens. Especially, if inventory after days off or holidays is carried out.

But that time did not appear doubled at me. Also it did not troitsya. Especially, and there was nothing to write down there especially. Everything, or almost everything that on beer, candies and other, not less interesting and tasty things can be spent, to me spent. Was at that enterprise to whom. Therefore did not even think that it is necessary to rewrite and recalculate something. And here not. In cash desk as it appeared … Was!

And not ABBA that there. Currency! Italian liras. Nachalnichek former they, were business, to business trip went. Drank a chianti with Cinzano. But not so that vvolyushka. It did not have that scope for which all others for some reason not really love us. But distinguish from others! Perhaps especially not to be allocated against Danes and different other Swedes, the former chief also did not swing the arm strongly on Cinzano from a chianti. There were also with it liras.

He did not spend for my head the travelers without remainder! Did not spend … I do not know

how at it - whether the head from those Italian drinks, and hurt me as I saw those liras … Almost at once ached.

Well, here that to me with them? To people a salary not a plochena, and here - any - bucks real. And there is a lot of so. Almost full bag collector.

I - in bank. And they to me - from gate. “You that, a bratela, evra honor on all continent for a long time!“ Well, I, not so that it is concrete, but a little took offense. Also went to their main thing.

Long he called somewhere. Found out something … But then concentrated - and speaks to me: “It is possible. Let`s solve a problem. Only it is St. Petersburg does. And not soon. It is necessary to go there. In any Savings bank to write the application and to hand over liras. They will accept them. Will send to the State bank of Italy. There everything will be accepted, counted, transferred to euro and sent back - to St. Petersburg. Already evram. And you will remove there and convert into rubles. Only two times you will lose. On converting and (this operation, sophisticated some word is called) on transfer of their zero to Italy. It, this transfer, too paid“.

Well, that there is nothing to do-. I write out travelers. With a stock. In St. Petersburg the prices - not a couple ours. One cup of coffee - as two complex lunches!

Wrote out travelers, bought with himself beer, a taranka and - to the city on Neva. As though ourselves have no Sber!

Generally as I was told, so I also made. Everything is strict according to the instruction. Only city line began, I brake at the first Sberbank branch and I am filled up in it. With all the liras.

Here - that everything also began … Gospidya - aa. Statement! They at me rejected a third of a bag at once. Like, the Italian bank accepts only those pictures that went in a year of transition to an evra. And if on lira what other picture, other year of the edition, so - it is free.

All right, they rejected that it is impossible. I began to fill a malyava. And that is and - am. On each piece of paper - a series, number, year of release, what it colors and whose muzzle on it is drawn... Corrections are not allowed. Generally, hour I this zayava filled three. If it is no more. And before closing - was not in time. Also it was necessary to spend the night in hotel. Well though a taranka with beer in good time moreover at the, not capital prices, bought.

And in half a year Italians of an evra sent. I went to St. Petersburg. Received. Converted. And at me came to hands... No more, no less - 180. In cursive script - hundred eighty. Rubles. Copper coins - it is not counted.

Gospidya - aa. - and - joint stock company I do not love these liras! And still the decent people on them. Leonardo. Which da Vinci. With in - from such shaggy hair and a beard. Hippie... My eyes would not look at it! Say all no that it for the life navayal - the prices has. And for a half-bag with his shaggy physiognomy … And not to buy packing of beer! Yes I was spent to and fro driving about one gasoline more. And still hotel! Traveling …

E - eh! In vain I then at the first Sberbank branch stopped. It was necessary napryamk, to Italy to drive. There would be enough collector bag for a chianti with pizza. Yes in the sea would swim. Speak, it, unlike ours, not White. And in the winter - does not freeze...