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Whether reasonable Homo sapiens or reflection about anything

of People, to be exact the Homo sapiens (Homo sapiens) the same child of the nature as well as any other living being on Earth, therefore, to be exact is logical, and his behavior has to be natural, but if to analyse behavior of the Person that turns out that in the course of evolution and development of a civilization it moves away from the laws put by the mother the nature further and further.
For example:
Any animal does not sleep on the soft caving-in bed, and the Person contrary to laws of the nature sleeps on a soft bed, even thought up special orthopedic mattresses, a yak to unload a backbone and whether here it is necessary to unload it-?
Eats regularly and on the mode, claiming that it only the correct behavior - and in the nature all on the contrary - for example, the wolf that not just lies week, and runs hungry, then is full.
Makes and uses products of which is not present in the nature in pure form - sugar, alcohol, various juice. And some, for example meat, even to chew is lazy, shifting this process to the meat grinder, and then is engaged in treatment or prosthetics of teeth which from - for the fact that do not use them fully - drop out as superfluous.
of People ceased to sweat and freeze that constantly occurs in wildlife, it is natural natural processes, but washes several times per day that in the nature is not present (unless only Amphibia, but it is their habitat) and for this purpose thought up the mass of chemistry, a yak for fight against harmful microbes, and this chemistry kills not only harmful but also useful, and together with them and immunity which the Person then in every way to seek to lift by means of the same chemistry.
Almost ceased to use own muscles for getting of food, shifted a lot of things to shoulders of cars, and itself claims that the movement is life.
the Science claims that the Person had a tail, possessed a scent as at a dog, but ceased to use them and lost in the course of evolution as not necessary (as it is known if a shovel not to dig it rusts) if to follow the same logic that in the long term, considering existence of transport, questionable need of legs, continuing to evolve from the person there will be a head, small handles and a big bottom.
Calling itself the homo sapiens, at the same time contrary to such statement, its much bigger part takes tobacco, alcohol and drugs and everything using know that it is harmful.
As any animal in every way tries to destroy itself, producing the mass of sophisticated weapons and if before emergence of firearms even in wars and battles there was though a small grain, useful to the human race, there was a natural selection weaker perished, then to the invention of firearms there is everything on the contrary. the Person Especially is zealous
and tries to destroy in every way own habitat and it manages it - almost destroyed clear water already sell, the following stage - will sell air or how?.
Here and whether there is a question reasonable this Homo sapiens or .???