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What fantastic stages happen in life of girls? Part 2

When phases of the Sleeping Beauty and the Little Red Riding Hood are passed in development of the girl, the turn of other stages, not less informative and interesting approaches.

3. Stepmother and stepdaughter.

All remember a plot the Cinderella and the stepmother. Yes, mocked at the poor Cinderella wonderfully well. By the way, the name was formed because the girl lived in the German option behind an oven on a heap of ashes...

But it appears, in this story there is also an implication. So, feelings are woken (the prince was, took courage and kissed...) contact with a wolf and sexual experience is - what else is necessary for normal life?

Here at once there is a subject “the love comes and leaves, and there is always a wish to eat...“ It is a little nasty, but in the text. To walk and live together - not same... The romanticism boat, unfortunately, very often crashes against life - and it is sad. It appears, the stage “the stepmother-the stepdaughter“ is just and there is a training on housekeeping.

And as the stepmother there can be both own mother, and even the husband - that not the best option... Scheme of development of a plot: “What, the daughter, went on a spree? On here you...“ The training course also begins. At this stage the conflict is inevitable just because to become the independent woman, the girl needs to separate from mother. Even just emotionally, as still she loved and obeyed only her, i.e. was very strongly emotionally and organizationally is attached to her. At the same time mother: «In that case that give, begin: cooking, cleaning, washing“ that is perceived by the girl as “punishment for independence finding attempt“, and actually is just a training element (for reference: here both motivation do not realize, respectively, abuse and scandals in all seriousness).

Natural question: and whether can be differently? Theoretically - yes, practically - no... Here it is very important to remember that in our women`s club “nothing female is alien“ - and mother (and she is a woman too) under not really clear laws of the nature begins to perceive the growing-up daughter as the competitor... Besides, just being afraid of withdrawal of the daughter from a family, she will provide this training in style “will not seem a little“. Therefore usually training to manage not mother, but the mother-in-law (that as if mother, but not absolutely) was engaged therefore the fairy tale easily takes absolutely real forms...

Now “cohabitation“ is not welcomed at all, but a subject “As you iron shirts to my boy?!“ - is present always... So is just necessary grade level of economic activity.

4. Rescuer.

In the previous point of the program the girl as if came off mother and, besides, became “the normal woman“ (the wolf carried out process of a defloration successfully, for as suffered). But there was also a father with whom came it is also time to define the relations in connection with a new stage in development.

Any girl loves the father (since the childhood, as well as mother) in this connection she has a problem - it is necessary to stop loving the father as on the horizon already personal relations to which it is at the moment ready. Generally, in the theory of fairy tales it is approximately following history.

Got acquainted with the prince, there was the first appointment (on which, in connection with inexperience, managed one kiss). Then the prince was sent technically away in distant wanderings - to visit the parents (it in the neighboring kingdom, at least).

As engagement took place, everyone began to solve joint problems. Actually the prince was sent away to say hello to mother with the father and to state new circumstances (type was going to marry). After two points which we already stated (“The stepmother - the stepdaughter“ and “Little Red Riding Hood“) the girl is already quite ready under a wreath - it is necessary just to agree with the father.

System of the relations such is that it begins to care for it actively. In - the first, personal experience of care of the man, well and, with itself, receiving from the father of blessing - permissions to marriage is necessary here.

At the same time from the father it needs the real help. She takes a liking for the elect, but is not sure at all that its right choice as she, in view of lack of experience, is not ready to estimate really prospect of joint life with the prince. She cannot estimate its quality as men, future spouse and the father of children. Besides, she cannot tell the father that she already made a choice. Therefore here the following story - “The picky bride“ is cunning developed.

5. Picky bride.

plot Basis: “The father, is time for me in marriage where grooms?“ Then the father (together with the daughter) will organize a competition. All applicants are waited by an unenviable fate as the bride already made a choice.

The usual scheme of action - “guess my riddles, or the head from shoulders“ - it is simple by definition. It is natural that none of grooms, except her prince, will guess anything. Respectively, the head from shoulders.

Internal implication of game - “danger of loss“. Here it is necessary to leave an old family and to find new, but it is already following item.

6. Female insidiousness.

So, the prince was, married, gave birth to children. Everything is successful, all, apparently, are happy, but not all. In an environment of the young spouse there will always be female persons - mother, sisters, the mother-in-law, girlfriends and anyone who will act by the principle “for what to you, the creep, such happiness?!“ Will also begin to do everything that to liquidate it.

The main subject of a stage - to teach the woman to protect a family from “these creeps“. Internal idea - establishment of trust with the husband, formation of joint plans for life. In parallel the woman forms the relations between her new family and old.

The subject is old as the world here - jealousy... Girlfriends, sisters and other environment, looking at her happiness, begin to arrange any intrigues. And as soon as the girl on them will be moved - the fairy tale the end...

Most it is necessary to think!