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What fantastic stages happen in life of girls? Part 1

Strangely enough, in life of any girl is certain stages of “a big way“ about which she often does not even suspect in this connection she runs into certain nuances. The matter is that it is biological, or subconscious, the program of individual growth and development.

Well, actually, somewhere all of us, anyway, start going to a year and a half and to tell - who earlier who later. In three years the program of language development is started - at this time (at this age) to us extremely important communication, and we actively absorb language structures. And we do it so actively that if a family on a nationality mixed, then and children talk in several languages at once (on on what there is a communication in a family - in habitat of the child).

At the age of three years several languages are absorbed at once by the child easily and unostentatiously - just such this stage of development, and already then at school hollow - hollow, and I pound slightly. Because our development in this period is aimed absolutely at another.

So, formation of the girl as women passes through a number of stages too. These stages are well looked through in the Russian national folklore which is stated in the form of fairy tales. The matter is that national fairy tales are information which is transferred usually by grandmothers to the younger generation and which in the latent form (well actually, not to the child to give lectures) forms ideas that it is necessary in life.

1. Sleeping Beauty. the Plot of this fairy tale is simple

: “The poor girlfriend cold and hungry, lies one in a glass coffin without any private life“. Fairy tale subject: we wait for the prince who will come and. … And further as in “Shrek“: “Kiss her on a cold mouth - and you will see what is a volcano of passions...“

Is the first stage of development of initial emotionality in the girl. So, than the prince is busy? Kissing it, it generates in the girl the woman (in a sense), i.e. just gives an impetus to her personal emotional development. At the same time she lies in a coffin (sleeps) and, respectively, is not busy with any active search.

In the beginning about good. “Sleeping Beauty“ is just a stage of development of the identity of the girl at which she begins to realize herself. Process this difficult, and one of the main conditions - to work itself and own feelings. For this purpose it is necessary to separate from people around and to be alone. From here also “coffin walls“ - as appears from the fairy tale, they are glass. Therefore the girl is not killed at all into a closet (being completely fenced off from people around), and even gives them an opportunity “to watch process“.

Again - “gnomes“ or servants - any, and leaving is necessary.

Emotional isolation is not a so full independence which here and is not necessary... It is a usual stage of self-understanding concerning the first monthly - and transition from “the child in the girl“...

Another matter when this stage drags on - external environment is important here, and the girl in it “hangs“ - here just and there is a tale of “the sleeping tsarevna“. She just waits for the prince who will come and everything will develop at once - but how? After the first kiss some continuation and who is ready to it is supposed... It is not enough experience of private life... Therefore everything develops differently.

But here we pass to the second stage of normal life - “Little Red Riding Hood“...

2. Little Red Riding Hood.

the Old kind plot about the Little Red Riding Hood. So, the lovely kind girl in the Little Red Riding Hood “zapilivat“ one in the wood while perfectly knows that in the wood it is full of wolves and the way is unsafe. Respectively, she makes the personal independent choice. Naturally, she easily tries to obtain what she wanted - meetings with a wolf.

Actually, in each fairy tale there are the facts of life - not everything so simply. Here that the psychologist Eric Burn about it thinks:

1. Apparently, mother intends to get off the daughter, using “accident“. It will allow it to lament then: “What nightmare! It is impossible even to pass on the wood that some wolf...“

2. The wolf obviously exceeds the opportunities as is not content with rabbits and other game. He quite could assume that he will come to a bad end. It is visible, the wolf in youth was fond of Nietzsche (if the wolf is capable to talk and tie a cap, then why not to read it books?) Slogan of a wolf: “Risk and you will die with glory“.

3. The grandmother in the house one also does not lock a door. Probably, she counts on something tempting that would not be in case of her life with relatives. It is obvious that the grandmother is young if to judge by age of her granddaughter. She quite still can be interested in adventures...

4. Apparently, the hunter is type of the savior who prefers to punish the prostrate rivals by means of the nice little girl.

5. The Little Red Riding Hood in detail tells a wolf as well as where he can meet still her, and even goes to it to bed. Advances with a wolf are available... But for it this fairy tale has a happy-end.

In other words: dangerously to a wolf to walk to one on the wood. And one more interesting question: what was mother who sent the daughter for all day to the grandmother engaged in?

Main issue: what the Little Red Riding Hood will grow up, having such mother and such experience?

Well, generally - business dark...

Certainly, from each fairy tale there is always positive conclusion - it is necessary to love and everything will be good... And if the wolf is not nice, then and you should not be started. This question was investigated still by the uncle Freud. But also it was imperfect...

Unfortunately, this subject is not so simple as the first experience - especially negative, is well kept and leaves a mark in mind. The matter is that at the first contact often there is a fright when “the second party“ actively presses - and it causes a spasm, besides not only mentalities. Consequences are obvious - traumatism...

Here in general experience of acquaintance, trust and feeling of safety, besides the romantic feelings obliged to be present at this moment is very important, cause allocation in blood of endomorphines which not only “make happy“, but also anesthetize.

So the nature (we will call it so) thought in advance of that everything was peacefully and friendly...