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“Ruger Standard Mk. I ........ Than this “butylkorazbivatel“ wins the hearts the seventh decade?

All! Unusual form unusual for modern guns. Convenience. Accuracy. Reliability. And unusual history of birth. A prototype of it, such twentieth century of the weapon, unusual to the second half, the inventor and the engineer William Ruger developed in 1946, having taken out the patent for the invention.

“William B. Ruger was born in New - York on June 21, 1916. He was always interested in production of firearms and, being trained at school, often came to machine shops to study technology of production. Being already a student of humanitarian college, he developed the main design of an easy machine gun“. Source: Wikipedia.

The first “the shooting model“ was made in 1948. According to Ruger`s statement “it has to be the simple and inexpensive model for a plinking“ which place in the market while time was vacant.

“The Plinking (English Plinking) - entertaining firing at various non-standard targets (beer banks, bottles and so on)“. Source: Wikipedia.

No sooner said than done! Together with the friend Alexander Shturm, William Ruger will organize production of the first batch of guns in garage which was given the proud name “Red Shed“. Money for development of “production“, $50 000, borrowed at rich relatives of Alexander, having promised to return through … well as it will turn out. Then, in 1949, William Ruger defined the main principle of work of the firm: “Production has to be as it is possible more simply, and profit - as it is possible above“.

The firm called on surnames of founding fathers “Sturm, Ruger &Co“ stamped two thousand guns “Ruger Standard“ which were sent to retail at the price of 37 dollars apiece during 1949. Externally this “device“ was similar to the Japanese gun of Nambu which Ruger brought home after service in marines of the USA during World War II. Emergence in the market of the new simple and inexpensive gun terribly similar to German “Automatic pistol“, has effect of the become torn bomb.

In 1949 Ruger and Shturm`s company rented small machine shop in to Sausporta, the State of Connecticut where it began to make the gun “Ruger Standart Model & Mk. I Pistol“ caliber. 22. The firm paid off with debts, and after tragic death of Alexander Shturm in plane crash Ruger became individual “governor“ of the small “weapon empire“.

The first creation of firm - “Ruger Standard Mk. I ........ The gun under “a melkashechny cartridge“ of caliber. 22, having combined in itself the most advanced technical solutions of the time and having at the same time surprisingly low price, “Ruger Standard Mk. I it was simply doomed to success. As soon as did not call this creation of Ruger - “attractively simple“, a charismatic, American long Lugger (the American name of the gun “Automatic pistol“). Popularity of this model promptly grows, and the market needs a huge number of these guns.

Structurally “Mk. I it is simple to genius. It is the gun with a free lock which freely goes in a cylindrical receiver. The lock protected by a receiver practically does not become soiled. Strelyanny sleeves are extracted through a window in a receiver to the right. Raising of the gun is carried out for the back part of a lock acting from a receiver for what on it the conic notch is executed. USM of unary action. The flag safety lock is placed with the handle basis. Aim devices open, consist of an unregulated tselik and a front sight. Capacity of shop - 9 cartridges. Trunk conic or cylindrical, 140 or 174 mm long. The frame of the gun consists of two stamped halves connected by a welding seam. The handle of the gun is located at an angle 120 degrees, is very convenient for deduction. There is practically no return.

Model “Mk. I it is made till 1982 then the range of the guns “Ruger Standard“ significantly extends. There are specialized versions for sports competitions, options with mufflers for military and special troops, elite limited editions for collectors.

“Ruger Standard Mark II“ obr. 1982, received shop with a capacity of 10 cartridges, it is equipped with a lock stop, received the improved safety lock, adjustable aim devices and a new trigger.

“Mk. II Tagit“ obr. 1983 - sports model for target (especially exact) firing with the strengthened trunk 140 mm or 254 mm long. It is made completely of stainless steel.

In 1987 the model “is developed by Mk. II Government Target“. Even more “licked“ sports model.

For special troops of the American Navy Ruger Mk is created “. II Amphibian“. This gun is called by “Ruger Standard“ of the fourth generation. The individual weapon of fighting swimmers is made completely of stainless steel, has the trunk shortened to 50 mm. The muffler of the gun is executed by a uniform design with a receiver. The design allows to shoot, without pouring out water of the muffler and the channel of a trunk.

Today the guns “Ruger Standard“ are issued under the changed markings from steel and stainless steel and Mk are called “. III ........ For years of production more than two million “standard Rugerov“ are let out. This gun, with cheap cost of production and huge profit, gave the chance to become firm “Sturm, Ruger & Co.“ weapon firm No. 2 in America in general and No. 1 on the total amount of production for the civil market. Today, except guns, “Sturm, Ruger & Co.“ makes rifles, revolvers, guns and spare parts to the weapon of other firms - producers.

But also now when William Ruger is already dead (died on July 6, 2002 at the age of 86 years), “Ruger Standard“, the gun which became cult and very expensive despite the simplicity and low cost of production continues to bring in to firm the main income. There`s nothing to be done, charisma …