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To give the life for the sake of health of many: for what got a ginseng root?

Tired and exhausted, Liu - at went on a taiga, attentively peering into grass ripples under legs. He achieved the objectives of the long travel: in its cedar box several sacred roots of life lay. To an outpost there were two days of traveling, and there he will show roots to the collector, then will hand over them in Office and will receive money. There will be money - there will be also medicine for the old father. His face exhausted with an illness dreamed Liu - at the every night spent in an Ussuriysk taiga.

the Young man hoped to cure at first the father, and then, carefully and carefully to tell it that one returned from a taiga. The elder brother, Wang - Gangaw, the handsome, fatherly pride - fell the victim of a huge tiger. The furious animal rushed on Wang - Gangaw stealthily, having instantly torn off his life. And Kasavon, absolutely still the boy, having lost the head from a fright and unexpected loss, took to the heels - and got into the bog. Liu - could make at nothing. The bog absorbed the younger brother.

- And what was farther, the grandfather? Tell me about a ginseng! Liu - at came back home, the truth? It cured the father?

Small Artyom did not want to fill up at all and, having strong embraced the grandfather for a neck, demanded continuation of the story. Gray-haired professor, having grinned in moustaches, put the grandson to bed, having promised to dorasskazat everything tomorrow as soon as that wakes up. The kid fell asleep, and professor, having returned to an office, sat down in a chair and deeply reflected, looking in the night sky.

For many years works in medicine, he studied and saw a lot of things. And medicinal properties of a ginseng were thoroughly known to it. Professor regularly accepted zhenshenevy preparations, supported health of the house. He considered that he only thanks to a ginseng does not lag behind the students on a racetrack, it in the - that 55 years. In the professorial safe there was always a tincture small bottle with a root - the little man, presented by the Chinese friends. It took this small bottle with itself(himself) on symposiums and even if night on the plane was given sleepless - the drink of tincture of a ginseng helped it to maintain any debates with stars of bourgeois medicine next day.

Professor always advised the patients to accept zhenshenevy preparations in the fall and in the winter. As though the nature adapted a ginseng for the person: she made a plant the most useful in a hard time of year, and minimized its medical influence in the spring and in the summer. Against the carried-out treatment, the ginseng helped people and in case of a syndrome of chronic fatigue, and at a neurasthenia, promoted treatment from diabet of both types, necroses and trophic ulcers. The person accepted ginseng preparations - and stomach ulcer, hepatitises, problems with the lowered pressure fell into oblivion and it is warm - vascular system. The people suffering from increased fatigue, stresses and a long intellectual overstrain restored health. Those who had problems in sex life - with surprise found out that they still a lot of things want, and, the main thing, can! During administration of drugs of a ginseng at patients digestion improved, the course of cough was facilitated and, in general, diseases of respiratory system recovered quicker, hypostases descended.

And why? The nutrients which are contained in a ginseng are nontoxical, and make complex therapeutic impact on all organism in general. At the same time - without collecting in it, and without making any collateral impacts. Let the revitalizing action be not shown at once, there can pass weeks, or even months before there comes improvement. Nevertheless, it comes. And the person on own experience understands, it is how good to be healthy and as there is a wish to remain such further. It would seem how it is simple: accept a ginseng - and all! Therefore, in order to avoid complications and other troubles with health, professor never forgot to remind the patients: treatment by a ginseng of serious diseases perhaps only under control of the expert. Also did not advise to give a ginseng to pregnant women and children till 10 years.

With surprise he found out that he behind a window already dawns. Went to a nursery. Of course, Artyom fell down without blanket again. Having carefully covered the kid, professor came to kitchen and prepared for himself zhenshenevy tea.

Once he considered himself as the elderly person. Short wind, obesity, sugar in blood, heart plaid pranks. Was going to leave work - eyes began to hurt and to hand over nerves. It seemed to professor that he too close takes to heart problems of patients therefore at work he tried to be more rigid and more exacting, first of all, to himself. The organism, in response to unreasonable insistence, was indignant and incredibly increased pressure. The circle became isolated.

And it to turn out to professor on the operating table at the subordinates and pupils as to the next medical congress there arrived from China his colleague, the practicing doctor. It also brought the first small bottle with a ginseng root. The friend of professor told that the ginseng is capable to block education of free radicals in an organism and, thereby, to slow down aging process. Components of a ginseng stop growth of cancer cells, and force immune system to work, as in youth.

Since then life and health of professor were painted by bright paints again. It turned out that to be healthy - simply, it is only necessary to believe in the forces, and very much to want it. Together with health both the pleasure, and desire to make others happy comes back to life.

Therefore professor did not begin to dorasskazyvat to the kid Artem a legend about three brothers who went to a taiga behind a life root. Did not want to upset the grandson the Stopped Liu`s eyes - at watched

at the star sky. The fatigue was gone. Any more legs from crude cold of the earth did not hurt. Heart into which the bullet of a hunkhuz stuck did not hurt. The shattered fingers - even the dead, Liu did not hurt - at continued to hold strong a cedar box with a treasured ginseng.

Pain left Life left