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Criminal melodrama “Wild Feature“. All nonsenses are obedient to love?

In life of each real man there has to be one mad night, one dissolute woman without brakes and one fight to the death. It does not cancel need of cultivation of trees, sons and construction of the house at all. More likely, is a pleasant bonus to a notorious glass of water.

Contrasts are attracted. Good boys fall in love with bad girls and vice versa. One lack adventures for the fifth point, at others them so many that there is a wish to share with the neighbor. Sometimes plus on minus gives plus. As in Johnathan Demme`s movie “A wild feature“ (Something Wild).

… A decent white collar of Charlie Drigs, the family man and newly-baked vice-the president of the company, likes to play pranks. For example, “forgets“ to pay for business - a lunch. Such small, but rebellious trick. Which, besides, becomes a reason for pleasant acquaintance with nice Lulu`s tearaway. The girl suggests to give a ride to Charlie before work, however the trip in cheap motel where office worker breaks an oath of fidelity comes to an end and shows resourcefulness miracles in conversation with the boss.

On it Charlie`s misadventures did not end at all. And soon also the true reason of so frank flirtation of the playful prankish with imperceptible “jacket“ became clear. The matter is that Lulu who actually Audrey, wants to present to Charlie the conservative mother as the acting spouse. Her real hubby Ray happily serves sentence for a robbery that will hardly impress mummy. After terms of intimacy with parents, “newlyweds“ go to submit rural club on a class reunion of school of Audrey.

And here - that Charlie understands that he got stuck on the tomatoes. When on a party the former spouse of his stunning companion is announced suddenly, evening stops being languid. Ray obviously intends to return himself the wife`s arrangement whereas Charlie, vtyurivshiysya in Audrey, obviously crosses to it the road. After short fight the financier wipes bloody snivels, loses the remains of pride and hope for flirtation continuation. However Charlie - at all not a small pillow for needles. Having felt inflow of forces with again acquired feeling of passion, he rushes to a pursuit. Love - she is such silly woman …

Polnometrazhka Johnathan Demme in the homeland was apprehended inertly. As the spittle in a face of public morals it was not regarded, the benefit that the tape did not receive a rough advertizing campaign. But did not agree with the conclusions drawn by authors. Since what time Hollywood encourages change of reference points in priorities of middle class? What now to throw cozy, habitual the soft place office chairs and to rush to a revelry whirlpool? Here so a message for younger generation of America. At first violation of family values, then binge driving and unsafe sex. And business will reach knifing. And reached. And what the phrase such is - “Better to be a live dog, than a dead lion“? It turns out, according to creators, the young American yuppie doing career and fostering the pregnant wife of an inexpressive exterior (there is in a picture such character) - a dead animal?

Certainly, to Demma was also not going to be engaged in education of the nation. “The wild feature“ is a mad comedy with a criminal shade, but not the guide to action. Characters of the movie behave exactly as the fictional heroes who are not knowing laws of the real world should act. To Demma distorted reality to give Charlie and Audrey`s chance to have a rest a body and soul, without penetrating into boring details of the materialistic world. Nobody argues that from his picture smells slightly of inadequacy and film convention. Often you in life meet the morons ready to throw everything for the sake of the casual acquaintance and to try to fight it off the ex-husband - the criminal? Though mad acts are peculiar to all hearts desperately in love.

The limited success of the movie at the mass viewer was “promoted“ by both genre uncertainty, and an adult rating, and not become familiar on the screen of a face of actors. “The wild feature“ starts as the raunchy romantic comedy, gradually getting confused in the drama with an obvious criminal shade. And under the final comes back to the melodrama.

As for a rating, an age level provided to a tape a naked breast (and other nice places) Melanie Griffith, and also unacceptable for PG - 13 (children accompanied by parents) violence level. Melanie just was during this period in a stage of search of a type, and the “bad girl with kind heart“ option suited it as well as possible. A bit later, in more engaged and expensive melodrama “Business Girl“ where the actress will play in the three with Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver, mademoiselle Griffith will finally come over to “the light side of force“. And in 1986, especially after the smart thriller of De Palma “A false body“, she could pokurolesit in a shot and to poflirtovat with the viewer, without worrying for own career in cinema.

The young Jeff Daniels who morally strengthened after participation in “A purple rose of Cairo“ of Woody Allen is beautiful as office plankton. Here it is not similar to the most popular character, Harry from the comedy “Stupid and Still Growing Dull“ at all though in couple of moments the company laughter is learned it. It is a pity that Daniels did not manage to be beaten out in people. It had a potential, but he preferred the status of a dead lion, than quick dog.

But the main event of a tape even not naked breasts of future spouse of Antonio Banderas and not unexpected fighting spirit of the clerk, but brilliant Ray Liotta in the uneasiness are. Here really unpredictable tipchik. The picture to Dyoma became for the serial actor a magnificent debut in big cinema then Liotta began to be in the increased demand in Hollywood. Certainly, on roles of thorough bastards. It is amazing as the person manages to radiate only one look and a smile so much hidden threat. Already four years later the actor will reach peak of the career, having played at Scorsese in “Good guys“.

Here it at future Oscar winner (“Silence of lambs“) turned out uneven, but charming cinema. Not in traditions of a genre, but beyond the scope of it. As if about love, but more likely about passion and its consequences. Such capitalist option of domestic “Twist of fate“. Only instead of a bath here the car with folding top, Charlie - Lukashin acts more, than speaks, and Ray - Ippolit comes into a bathroom not to be washed, and to die. From Nadenkaya only did not guess absolutely. But we will write off it for intrigues of eternally rotting West.