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Marriage - business thin!

Creation of a new family - business difficult and delicate. Marriage - it not only acquaintance and cheerful wedding. First of all - this ability to respect and listen to each other. In this article I would like to show several situations in which not everyone knows how it is correct to behave:

Wives, remember!
If the husband moves ahead on service not so quickly as would follow, do not speak to it about it - it is possible to worsen situation only.
If the husband was in business trip, and at this time you were visited by the familiar man, it is better to tell about it. Otherwise it will be made by neighbors. If you found
the photo of the former girlfriend of the husband in his pocket or the car, do not speak words. It happens to men, romantic on character. If the daughter told
to you that she completely fallen in love the son of the neighbor, do not speak about it to the husband: if she wants, then itself will tell the father.
If invited you in school from - for the son`s tricks, surely tell the husband: he has to feel that it is not excluded from education process. Surely you say
to the husband that you love it. Word I love probably, the only word which throughout the millennia is capable to work wonders.

Husbands, remember!
that to the wife you had several girlfriends can tell the spouse. But it is not necessary to remember girlfriends, especially avoid any comparisons. at work surely tell
About failures to the wife: the good spouse surely will understand and will even support you.
If something disturbs you concerning education of the child or housekeeping, you should not hide it. you do not hurry to say
to the spouse that it too grew fat or grew thin. Try to find the reason at first. Always honestly tell
to the wife about the collateral income as a budget question - business of all family.
Let`s say at work is the woman who constantly tries to draw your attention; in a family about it it is better to be silent. for conversation with the wife it is not the best subject.
As well as your wife, you say it more often that you love it.

Understand the husband (the wife), and he (she) will understand you. you Remember
: the truth always is in the middle.
If do not want to be deceived - do not ask.
do not try to change each other. Providing to
freedom to another, you receive it. Be mutually polite
. there is no
to deception in family life! you Remember
: 999 divorces happen from - for trifles!