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Whether all is easy to be in time to us?

Hello, friends! Recently dollar millionaire Vsevolod Tatarinov expressed the opinion on the “Business with Children - It Is Easy or Successful Business Mummy“ project. This interview did not leave indifferent any woman therefore today I suggest you to talk about the reason.

Why separately taken woman decides to be engaged during such important and concerning period of life in development of the business?

Each woman has the reason, someone looks for self-realization, life forces someone. But the fact that any of them did not give up under the pressure of difficulties unites these women, each of them turned the reason into the purpose and everyone acted and acts at present.

If forces life, then everything is clear. There is no money, to wait for the help there is nobody and young mother most should provide herself, the child, and at times and the husband.

And what for the reason - self-realization? It is possible to think staying at home with the small child the woman does not self-actualize?

Here just there are also disputes. On the one hand, why to the woman of to load once again if the husband provides and gives the chance to stay at home. On the other hand, present, till the child`s birth the woman led active lifestyle, took from life, as they say: “Everything“, built career on hired labor, got, maybe, second higher education, was engaged in private practice, linear business, went to fitness. Day was painted on minutes.

With the child`s birth everything changes. It turns out that all spheres of life pass as if into the background, there is only a child and the house. Yes it is remarkable when the woman has an opportunity to devote some time of the life to the child when he especially needs it. I am very grateful to the husband, for the fact that I in life had this period. But the child remains helpless very not long time, children very quickly grow. And here an opportunity to active mummy still something just appears to be engaged, still to fill with something the life, to develop one more sphere of the life. At what moment of a growing of the child it occurs, the woman defines.

One more moment of such active women. Till the child`s birth day of the woman is painted on minutes, and she in unit of time does large volume of actions, that birth of the child for her is just next stage in life which needs to be entered in the schedule too. And, when the woman realizes it, is not let in extremes, and everything harmoniously combines proceeding from interests of the child, everything turns out in the best way.

I decided to create the business after the birth of the son, at me the understanding that hired labor will not bring in me those results, that income which is necessary to me came. I was just killed by thoughts that it is necessary to work for 8 hours a day and to spend on 1 hour for the road there and back. Therefore I began to develop the business in the Internet. I understand that development in the Internet does not yield fast results, but being engaged in it now, but not when the child will be 3 years old and it will go to a garden, I bring closer the result. At the correct self-organization and planning it is possible to be in time all.

With the child`s birth the woman has a huge responsibility for it. Each mother wants to give to the child all best. In real life there are a lot of examples when young mothers come to work ahead of time, someone when the child is 3 months old, and someone and in a week after the child`s birth. And in each case the woman is afraid to lose the income which she already created, is afraid that for 3 years of a maternity leave the world will strongly change and she should start everything from scratch. And it is the choice of the woman too.

Still wanted to pay attention to such moment, young mothers when begin to develop business with small in real, everywhere with themselves drag it. Namely, very often saw in our service center mothers with rather small children who receive goods, then still somehow go home with goods and the child on hands. Yes it is very not good, especially if the company organized delivery of the order for the house.

For me it was not acceptable to take the small child with itself in public places, to us 2 years, but we went in public transport only 2 times, once we with it passed on a gazelle and the second time his father took for a drive in the bus from final to the following stop. Understand me correctly, at present I speak about mass congestions of people where usually there is a lot of infection which small not in advantage and doctors also place emphasis on the first year of life on it. But not that the child needs to be locked in the house and to sit with it in an embrace there. But here we will allow young mother who arrived behind the order it is possible to understand, well could not organize somewhere herself, but she earns funds a living. And such moment when other young mothers who allegedly are engaged in nothing except education of the child and take it with themselves in super - hypermarkets … Put the child in a wheelchair for products and till several hours walk with it.

People are all different, perception of life at everyone the, but there are elections in our life which go for the good, and is such which us destroy (not literally, but an essence, I think, you caught).

Share the reasons why you in the period of a maternity leave were engaged not only education of the child, and something else and than specifically. Your response and experience is very important!