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SEARCH of SENSE - the guide to action.

Historical experience show that the person is not given birth for happiness. Throughout the life it faces accidents, diseases, collapse of hopes, death. Naturally there is a question: Whether “There is a sense?“, “As to understand it and to comprehend if the sense exists?“. The motto of modern society can be formulated as follows - the person is given birth for pleasure or the person is a car of desires. Shift of valuable orientations in one point - a pleasure point is a consequence of similar approach. The sense, will to sense is distorted and disappears. Victor Frankl considered that search of sense is the main motivational strength of the person. Speaking to A. Einstein`s words, “the person considering the life senseless not only is unhappy, but also in general is hardly suitable for life“.

I bring to your attention “The management for search of sense“ (survey questions in S. V. Krivtsova`s adaptation, V. B. Shumsky). These steps can help if the sense of a situation is not clear. It is the best of all if you make this task in writing.

First step. Try to consider a situation to see the opportunities which are contained in it. Answer the following questions.

Ø What is represented at the moment by my life situation?
Ø What in it there is a speech about?
Ø What now is necessary?
Ø What is required from me?
Ø What specifically I can make?
Ø What opportunities at me exist?
Ø Whether there is in the present moment something fine, unique? (Experience values)
Ø Whether I Can create something valuable or affect that it arose: to perform work, to make an act, to create work? (Creative values)
Ø What my personal vital installations in relation to those circumstances which cannot be changed? (Values of personal vital installations)

Step of the second. Try to weigh emotionally now each of opportunities to feel its importance for your life.

Ø What do I feel when I think of this opportunity?
Ø How I to myself will feel if I make it?
Ø How I will feel if I do not make it?
Ø How I will feel after some time (every other day, week, month …) if I make it?
Ø How I will feel after some time (every other day, week, month …) if I do not make it?

Step the third. Now it is necessary to choose the best for himself in these circumstances an opportunity. (Questions of freedom)

Ø What on conscience would be correct to be made in this situation?
Ø How I will treat myself if I do not make it? (Whom I will look in own eyes?)
Ø Whether this my own decision or me to it someone is valid or something forces?
Ø Whether Voluntarily I make this choice? May I tell: “I want it“?

Step the fourth. Think over as it is the best of all to embody your decision, to understand what will change in your life (and in the world in general) if this decision is embodied. (Questions of responsibility)

Ø What can prevent me to realize this opportunity?
Ø Whether I Have to make it now?
Ø How by means of what means, what way I can make it in the best way?
Ø Whether this way of actions Will correspond to me?
Ø Why I, actually, have to make it?
Ø For the sake of what (for the sake of whom) I want to make it?
Ø How it will affect my life and life of other people?

Snezhana Zamaliyeva.