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What will be with my marriage through n - oye the number of years? Dreams before going to bed of

you like to dream before going to bed? I love. As it is well thought of the past and the future those five minutes when here - here you fall asleep and Morpheus`s kingdom is already opened for you. But you slightly hesitate, delaying the pleasant moment. It is much remembered these minutes, sometimes considerably removing falling asleep borders. And of bigger it is dreamed...

I - the girl quite young still who is not burdened with family bonds. Nevertheless often I think of them. I, as well as everything, like to dream before going to bed. About what? Yes, for example, about those bonds. When there is already a beloved husband, you are a wife, and God willing, and children will appear. And here you already family. The first sweets and the first difficulties, everything is easy and surmountable at the beginning. First sleepless nights, and then first steps and words of the child. And then already at school, and you have it in a tummy his brother or the sister. And again all around, only now to the acquaintance.

And all this time nearby it, favourite and only for the sake of which refused once many trifles and big achievements to take its surname and to carry his children. On love everything was. And now who will tell that he do not love? I love and got used already as though it became even more native, my dear hubby.

Dreams carry away further let not in the carefree, but already adjusted by joint efforts life. The house was built, children already in the senior classes, we will worry final and an exit to the wide road of adulthood soon. Yes they and already at us independent, however, the road?

And where my dear? Something any reaction to my words. Whether long ago it buried in the TV and ceased to share with me news behind an evening cup of tea? It seems, long ago, and I - that behind vanity house also did not notice. Yes, honestly, whether tea is guilty? Well, ceased to drink tea in the evenings, there is no time and it is easier for kidneys. Ceased and ceased. Just - that heart clenched what he - tea wanted to, perhaps?

It is unlikely just tea. Heart does not feed on tea. Perhaps it remembered how it was cozy to sit with darling, having put children to bed? In total - spoke about much, argued even, but quietly so, on - family. And now? There are no problems, perhaps? Yes is, fully. And as to solve them, I do not know sometimes, the head can be broken. To take yes to talk here, so his friends on fishing took away. Strange, earlier we together went, children - kids to grandmothers - and on the river. And now that?.

If you interrupt my dreams with a question: “What to do when the experience of family life grows, and feelings grew cold?“, do not wait for the answer. I do not know it. Honestly. At least owing to the general teoretichnost of my family life.

Perhaps, many of readers already passed, and is quite successful, this period of cooling of the family relations. Councils - at them. And I have dreams only. Who knows that he from them will be executed and that is not present and as I will arrive in this or that situation. Here I will only dare to domechtat.

I dream that we with the husband will be able to come round slightly earlier, than to us will cease to please, having put children to bed, drink tea together in the evenings. And slightly earlier approach of a tragic point of a non-return all of us - will inhale new breath in our marriage. I dream that I will be able to be sensitive to changes in the personality and I will also see how my husband changes. I very much want to believe that, having celebrated the scheduled anniversary of a wedding, we will look at each other with new eyes and again we will fall in love, but already in new each other.

The word of honor, I believe that dreams come true. But still I know well that the best reinforcement of the theory is a practice. Dream five minutes before going to bed. All rest of the time you work, keeping the marriage. Do not allow years, household cares, and even to children, to take away from you your darling to whom you once united once and for the rest of life. You - a single whole how it is possible to be divided?

The wife of the tsar Nicholas II, Alexander Fiodorovna, advised in marriage to be attentive to trifles. Of them there is daily life in a family. From the tender word, from sympathizing attention of the relation blossom. And here the indifference and an inattention will ruin also the most good undertakings.

Let`s not to feel sorry for forces for work on a fertile field of family life, and then there will be to us happiness!