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It is exciting to grow thin? Physical activity of

So, in the first part you got acquainted with how it is necessary to eat that your body not only ôslimmedô, but at the same time and got healthier. But just to eat fruit / vegetables and to drink kefir for dinner - a little. It is necessary to care for the muscular corset and skin.

I think, you guessed that I speak about sport. With its help your muscles will be in a tone, and skin will become tightened and elastic. But to play sports, as well as to eat, too it is necessary correctly. In this article several councils and recommendations which will help to grow thin with advantage, without the exhausting load of an organism are brought together.

It is not necessary to work too much at all, your purpose - to become more harmonous and tightened, but not to win the world bodybuilding championship. It is better to distribute trainings evenly. It means that daily occupations for 20-30 minutes will affect your organism much more favorably, than wearisome hours in a gym of 1 - 2 time a week.

To secure itself against pains in sides and a stomach, you should not eat 1,5-2 hours before training. And also it is necessary to refrain from food within an hour after classes. During training it is necessary to drink simple still water; about Kok - Kolya and juice even of the speech cannot be.

We will pass directly to occupations. Today you have a huge choice of sports, choose that which seems to the most conceivable and easily available. It is possible to be engaged at home, it is possible in fitness - the center, it is possible to play in the gym some sports game (volleyball, basketball, tennis).

We will begin with house trainings. For anybody not a secret that, carrying out some exercises of the house, you grow thin, without allowing to become thin at the same time to your purse. What exercises, useful to a figure, it is possible to carry out houses? Torsion of a hoop - the most right and fast way to a beautiful waist. Simple jumps through a jump rope, squats, exercises on a press, push-ups, waves hands and legs - all this will help to put the body in order in house conditions and without big expenses.

On pleasure to be engaged in fitness - the center it is necessary to be spent, but skilled and wise trainers will prompt to you as well as what to do that the figure became such to what to you it is necessary.

Run - one of the most widespread sports which is used not only as a way to grow thin, but also in the improving purposes. Having taken a habit to run for the rule, you improve the figure, will bring benefit to airways, all your muscles will become strong, skin tightened.

Swimming is also considered in the fine way not only to grow thin, but also to relax. Look at fine figures of swimmers and be convinced of it! Fitness, shaping, aerobics, Pilates and even yoga will help to shape up, will present forces and health.

As for sports, it too, certainly, is useful. But there is a risk - stretchings, dislocations, fractures are not excluded... concussions. But if you are not afraid of difficulties, then at your choice - a huge number of games: soccer, volleyball, basketball, handball, tennis... Besides, martial arts: judo, karate (yes, even girls fight) and many other things.

Do not forget that calories are burned not only at sports activities, but also at visit of a sauna, kisses, and also... at house cleaning. In this case you will bring benefit not only yourself and the health, but also the world surrounding you.

Not important what will be physical activity, the main thing that it was. Any evenings at the TV, lunches at the computer, lazy rest on the beach. Only active recreation, active pastime, active life.

And everything at you will turn out!