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What to surprise the wife on March 8 with?

Than and how to surprise the wife on March 8? Well, of course, unusual dishes which you prepared this day. The real holiday is when it is tasty, isn`t it?

It is necessary to give a charge of positive emotions to the wife this day from the very beginning. For this purpose in advance we prepare for morning toasts “namazka“ according to the remarkable Uzbek recipe: we mix melted butter with honey and pounded walnuts. I hope, you it is aware how it is correct to heat oil? It is necessary to do it on slow fire, without forgetting to remove a skin. For half an hour till a breakfast take out medovo - nut oil from the refrigerator that it became softer. Make coffee or tea with a thyme and invite the half to a table. Do not forget to put a mimosa branch on a table. Such nonconventional approach to celebration will inexpressibly surprise on March 8 your wife.

For the second breakfast we prepare something more essential - avocado salad . This overseas fruit, of course, can be eaten and in pure form: slightly prisoliv and having sprinkled lemon juice - it is already tasty. But this simple option will not pass here. We have all - the first spring holiday came. Therefore we will cook avocado salad.

For this purpose we cut a fruit in half and we take out a stone. We cut the cleared halves in cubes. There is still an option when it is possible not to clean avocado, and just tea spoon it is necessary to take out pulp from the middle.

Usually at restaurants such salad is served with shrimps. They can be replaced with crayfish tails, and in house conditions even with crabsticks. We mix avocado pieces with one of the chosen seafood which is small cut by hard-boiled egg and fried by onions.

We will open one small secret. That onions at you turned out with a crisp it is necessary it before pouring out on a frying pan, slightly to sprinkle with flour. Still well to add a little cilantro to avocado salad. And here mayonnaise - by no means. It all juicy taste of our festive salad will kill. It is better to splash lemon juice or balsam vinegar. Right at the end we fill with sesame oil. If it in the house did not appear, then it is strewed with sesame sunflower seeds. If there is no they left from last time, then just take couple of spoons of olive oil. For informational purposes. This recipe of salad from avocado with shrimps came to us from Hugo - East Asia.

The lunch is missed on March 8 (it has to surprise your wife too), and here for dinner we prepare a surprising dessert - a pear in red wine . For preparation of this refined dish it is chosen the most beautiful fruit in a form and we peel them of a peel. Do not forget to leave a tail as it is required to us. And here the lower part of fruits is cut off that they could stand and not fall.

Then in a saucepan it is poured some moist or semisweet red wine, and let it begin to boil there. We throw a cinnamon stick, couple of asterisks of an anise, a vanilla pod, a carnation and sugar into this capacity. By the way, it is possible to povtykat a carnation then on 2 - 3 pieces in ready pears. Now fruits can be lowered in wine and to hold them there on the slowest fire (wine let does not begin to boil) hour one and a half.

Then the most beautiful pear we take and we put on the middle of a plate. Here for this purpose we also need a tail. Near a pear we put an ice cream ball. We call the wife and we observe how she will be surprised once again such unusual on March 8. By the way, if I am not mistaken, the recipe “A pear in wine“ of the Italian origin.

There can be a question: and what to do with the wine which remained in a saucepan? Boil thoroughly a little more before solidification and make of it sauce for salads, fish and meat.

I congratulate all women on a spring holiday on March 8 and appetite pleasant to you!