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What to present to the beloved for March 8?

every day come nearer a female spring holiday, and begin to think painfully how the darling to make a non-standard and universal gift. What it is possible to present to the woman for March 8?

Despite the seeming set of options, it is not so simple to make a right choice of a gift. It is especially difficult when that which you wish to make happy does not even hint at what she would like to receive in the morning on March 8. Here it is also necessary to think: spirits - it is too banal, flowers - of course, formally, and money as a gift that she bought that she to her will want, can just offend her. However, why to offend? And what if to hand it not a pile of crumpled notes in a white envelope, and something more graceful look?. There are even options. Let`s consider them one after another.

Gift certificates

many distribution networks offer Today

gift certificates with various face value which exchange in shops of these networks on the goods exposed there. Especially often such service is offered by large perfumery and cosmetic shopping centers, and also monobranded clothing stores. And it just what is necessary for the beloved isn`t it?

And here in fitness - clubs, beauty shops and Spa - the centers it is necessary to treat gift certificates more carefully. The matter is that many women too tremblingly choose similar institutions and furthermore concrete procedures and programs. Therefore here it is possible not to please and be trapped. Before giving to darling the certificate in fitness - club, think properly whether your woman dreams of it.

It is possible to present to the woman for March 8

a prepaid plastic card

Externally such cards look as bank and are used in the same way. It is possible to pay with them goods and services worldwide and to shop on the Internet. Such gift card - fine alternative of cash. It is not attached to one bank account. Just on it a certain sum (3 thousand, 5 thousand, 10 thousand, and 15 thousand rubles) which can be spent at discretion - to buy expensive perfume lies, to invite girlfriends in cafe or to buy products in a supermarket. Prepaid plastic cards in many banks are on sale. At the same time it is possible to choose their unusual registration, and process of acquisition takes at most a couple of minutes. At desire it is possible to present to the beloved the gift card developed together with the international payment service providers MasterCard and VISA. To pay with them for service in cafe, restaurants and shops more than in two hundred countries of the world is possible.

Discount coupons

This financial product in high gear wins popularity at our consumers. Still, such coupon allows to save up to 90% of their initial cost on purchase of the necessary goods or service. However, there are here features about which it is necessary to foreknow. Each discount coupon has the conditions. Here them is that and it is necessary to read with attention. Usually, the more the discount, the is more than various restrictions. For example, you plan for March 8 to present to the woman the coupon to Spa - a pedicure at a discount in 70%. Seemingly original gift. However it will be possible to use this service only in a limited period moreover and in hours, not absolutely convenient for the donator.

Handing a gift (whatever it was) to the woman by March 8, do not forget to tell how she is beautiful and as you love it...