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The madhouse voted. Now on pricks of

Elections 2012 showed: the worse there live people, the more surely they vote for the Power. From here the Power can draw a conclusion: it is impossible to improve situation in the country in any time. Poor - there is true. The clever person either goes abroad, or leaves to Bolotnaya Square.

Are necessary to the main electorate of the power: the TV with the speaking kashpirovsky - putinam, victories of ours in different types of sport, a tip from above, kicks sideways. And from below that nobody was any more.

Here ideal picture of the people grateful to the Power.

Got to a madhouse - go on pricks. Or insert to yourself an enema. Washing of brains in a madhouse goes only through a bum.

And the power in a madhouse does not belong to personnel and the chief physician at all. The power belongs to patients. As well as it is written in the charter of an institution. But owing to the idiocy, patients allow administration to give enemas to themselves, to accept psychotropic and to swallow soothing and exciting at the same time.

In a madhouse there are violent. These run on meetings for idea, do pits on seliger and thrash oppositionists in gates. Already you will cure nothing these. Only an electroshock and a zavertyvaniye in wet sheets on a frost.

There are silent. Almost you will not distinguish them from normal. “If only there was no war, if only there was a stability“, - they mutter, slowly moving at elections with a speed of a funeral procession. But reach. Perchers, one word. Their percent 90. There is a lot of them.

Also there are durdomovsky pragmatists. All these perfectly understand. These have blogs for money, force perchers to vote as it is necessary and send violent to fight with normal people.

They and in a madhouse - that hid with the purpose to sit out, agree with administration and then to flutter out with a cash case where - nibud in the countries of the rotting West.

Well, and, of course, there is an administration headed by the Chief physician.

That can even sometimes shed a few tears when grateful durdomovets gather in the hall and glorify it. But, in general, chief physician dry and cynical. He is interested in the budget of clinic first of all. And behavior of patients in - the second.

The chief physician is helped by chiefs of offices and nurses and medical brothers. Their task - identification of simulators and regular delivery of drugs to patients. And daily viewing of the TV all madhouse at the same time.

The madhouse adores the Chief physician. Especially when that goes by a yellow basin on ladders, dives into a bathtub and finds the slippers lost several months ago there or represents fire extinguishing by make-shifts.

Especially those on whom streams of the Chief physician fall rejoice. They, streams, are considered as sacred and to get under such for durdomovets - a great luck. They, durdomovets, then three months do not moitsya, and all others, durdomovets too, with admiration sniff at the successful sopalatnik.

But, sometimes, some strange slogans, appeals from outside reach. Type: “To the chief physician - plank beds, to patients - freedom“!

These noise strongly frighten durdomovets. They cry, pisatsya on mattresses and ask to give an enema on round to them additional.

This year the madhouse was wanted to be closed. But patients opposed. They held a referendum on trust to the Chief physician and gained 101%. The excess percent was recognized by election commission legitimate and explained with features of treatment in this establishment.

The chief physician was elected for 12 years and at meeting in the hall shed a few tears and promised to insert enemas to all patients on the first-come, first-served basis.