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Where books leave? Present

: the Neanderthal man who was tired after heavy hunting pulls along a huge and shaggy mammoth. Massive hulk leaves a deep trench on the earth. Hard to the poor creature - the Neanderthal man? Of course, hard. But it instead of going to the cave, turns in next.

Comes, important nods to the Neanderthal man standing at an entrance and lifts the big flat stone painted with some signs from the earth. Having dragged home, the Neanderthal man flops in a stone chair together with a flat stone and for a long time fades, without paying attention to shouts of the hostile tribe and growl of wild animals.

Whether it is possible? Who knows, it is obvious that the inscription at an entrance to that cave said: “Library“.

Libraries for the first time appeared in the ancient East. Usually the first library call meeting of clay tablets, about 2500 BC. However one of the most known libraries - the Alexandria library: in it it was stored, allegedly, from 400 thousand to 700 thousand papyrian rolls. The Alexandria library represented not just collection of books: here scientists including Euclid famous to nowadays whole world lived and worked. Libraries of antiquity were the central points of cultural development and science of the antique states.

And what the modern library is? No, not simply abstract building with a lot of books on shelves. Quite concrete concept - library as the center of cultural enrichment of citizens of our country. It turned out that for part of the population “book“ - an empty phrase. Twenty percent of respondents on the Volgograd region declared that they read only newspapers, ten more - give preference to magazines. Twenty three persons from hundred found it difficult to call the last read work and three acquaintances reading books. The others immediately called also the favourite author, and in brief retold a plot of the set work of the Russian literary classics.

A conclusion - we read. Also we read, let it is not enough, but it is regular. So why shelves of city libraries become dusty? Reading rooms become empty? How need for libraries disappears? The answer is simple - modern technologies: more than eighty percent of brands of mobile phones are supplied with programs for downloading and reading electronic versions of books. And it not to mention specialized devices for reading (e-books), computers, laptops and netbooks.

All this is good, convenient and economic - but how romanticism? Rustling of the turned yellow pages, a smell of dampish dust, or opposite - a dry crash of cover of the brand new bright book with snow-white sheets? All pleasure of touches “to fine“ replaces the cold rectangular screen.

Quite recently appeared sensible, razvlekatelno - a useful youth solution of the problem of “not readability“ of books: bookcrossing - a hobby and social movement. On a legend bookcrossers are participants of the movement, release unfortunate, “zatochyonny“ on book shelves and all the forgotten books by “a casual zabyvaniye“ them in public places.

Bookcrossing arose in 2001 when American Ron Hornbeyker incidentally found the website on which movement of the left cameras was monitored in the Internet. Then Ron decided to turn the same with books. The first bookcrossers appeared in Moscow at the beginning of 2004. Now even competitions, a peculiar hunting behind books are held. Now in Russia more than three thousand bookcrossers and more than one thousand “released“ books.

“Beggar the book“ - the motto of bookcrossing. Except the ideological reasons, “release“ of books has considerable practical advantage: books are distributed for free, there are websites with collection of reviews of the “free“ books found you and process of “zabyvaniye“ brings a great lot of experiences and emotions. Probably, it is worth trying, the speed with which “books around go“ increases due to the number of the people involved in the project.

“Read - tell another“, - representatives of the movement say. It also is right - thus, not only the book will become your friend, but also her new owner will feel gratitude to you.