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Tattoo? Everyone has to know it!

Probably, will be a little people who at least once in life would not think of an opportunity to follow an example of friends, colleagues or celebrities and to make to itself some though the smallest tattoo. Someone safely went to salon and realized idea, the prospect to go marked until the end of life frightened others and did not allow to be solved on an unusual act.

Around the tattoo goes many gossips, rumors, legends and myths, and often ignorance of exact information pushes away people from a similar invention.

The term “tattoo“ was entered into English in 1773 by the traveler James Cook. Before the tattoo in Europe was not defined by the concrete name, just was decoration of a body.

Tattoo history in Russia was reckoned from origin of criminal structures. Earlier stages of culture of a tattoo in Russia are considered lost therefore today it can be considered as the young direction in art.

Before a tattoo - images enjoyed wide popularity at military and in the criminal environment, and this culture gained mass character at the end 90 - x when the Russian masters had a modern equipment (induction and rotor machines), and art of a tattoo - drawings came to new qualitative level.

The tattoo is divided into three look: constant, temporary and cosmetic (still it call “Mende“).

Experts insist that a tattoo it is possible to call only constant and cosmetic, and temporary tattoos are just the drawings applied on a body with the divorced henna by means of a stick or a brush. Temporary the tattoo can be done in house conditions, it will keep one or one and a half weeks, then will gradually fade, during this period drawing is more similar to a low-quality sticker - a tattoo from a chewing gum package, looks inaccurately therefore better after 10 days to erase it a bast and at desire to put new drawing.

Colors at such “tattoo“ can be from brightly - red to green, it depends on a type of henna. The temporary tattoo is popular among teenagers, however physicians of a tattoo do not recommend to be fond bio - as dangerous chemical is a part of mix. Only the one who thought up it is smoothly capable to utter its name, - a paraphenylenediamine. It is allowed to apply this substance strictly in small amounts and only after 18 years as it is very harmful to skin, can cause allergic reactions and even eczema.

The constant tattoo which is so honored by masters of this business is entered into hypodermic fatty cellulose. It is necessary to notice that it is rather sick, here “as komarik will bite“ you will not get off. And the bone less layer of fat, the more painfully is closer. But if you want that a tattoo was with you “up to the end“ and did not bring special cares, it is your option. At the correct carrying it will never fade and will not disappear. Experts advise to do a constant tattoo in that place which will often not catch sight to you not to be tired of drawing. For example, behind on a neck, on a back or a shoulder.

A cosmetic tattoo - the permanent make-up - is used generally to facilitate morning of the modern young lady. With its help shooters in the eyes draw, lead round a contour of lips, show eyebrows, and also liquidate various spots on skin.

Whatever type of a tattoo you decided to make, remember: the most important rule - safety. Masters of a tattoo insist on performance of a tattoo only in the conditions of salon! You should not be conducted on advertisements about “a tattoo at home“ for small money. Such work not much cheaper, than in salon, and quality assurances and full sterility of tools any costs. Meanwhile, for overlapping of an unsuccessful tattoo (in professional circles it is called a cover - ap), which should be made already in salon, masters take considerable money. About health and nerves which after such experience sometimes it is necessary to restore all life it is not necessary to speak in general. You remember an old saying? “Penny-wise and pound-foolish“.

It is completely impossible to remove a tattoo. After removal of an unsuccessful tattoo the laser or a peeling the scar will exceed the sizes of the reduced drawing as the pigment implanted by a tattoo is more deeply than the updated skin layers. To reduce a tattoo - means to lose an integument fragment.

That the tattoo did not disappoint you for many years, it is worth approaching the choice of drawing most responsibly. Here the main thing - not to pursue fashion and not to come under influence of people around. Today you are emos, and a limit of your dreams - chyorno - the pink bear with the stuck eye pinned on all back. Tomorrow you are a biker or even the parent, and then you long should speak before friends or children what - such event forced you so itself “to decorate“.

The tattoo has to reflect feature of your personality, it can be connected with the important event which took place in your life can become also a mascot on good luck which will be always with you.

Listen to yourself, wait until your brain finds a common language with intuition, and you will be sure that you do everything correctly.

You remember - self-confidence does you by irresistible, and any drawings it not to replace.