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What man is attractive to women... And what is wanted by women?

On an immemorial question ask, apparently, the standard answer from the category “tastes differ“. Having rummaged a little in memory and having pulled out everything heard from girlfriends and familiar women of an assessment of men and the preferences from there, I can tell exact depending on what woman and that she considers for herself priority, also pays attention to that first of all, estimating the man.
Some women consider appearance as aspect relative, the main thing neatness in clothes and intelligence and it will not see at once, and they make the opinion only after direct communication. So women clever, respecting themselves estimate. The status and position of the man in society is not so important for them, it is only an indicator of its vital activity and that a thing relative. For such woman important how comfortable whether there will be a communication and even “spark“ will slip.
Romantic women notice eyes, a voice and hands at once. How penetrating look, voice timbre...
Is the small percent of women estimating and paying attention on athletically the put figure, beefy buttocks:) and proportionality of the person. They react to sex appeal first of all. Such women like to coquet and attract attention.
At last, increases presently number of those women who estimate welfare of the man and his material achievements. The part of them left families more - less provided and do not represent the life in conditions worse than they got used. They hard adapt, and often at all are not adapted for life and are not practical.
But is lines which are pleasant to all women, this sense of humour and mind. Agree that to communicate with eternally frowned subject a thing hard. At the next meeting it will already want to run away if the man speaks with irritation in a voice. Also women as far as men it is independent and reliable estimate. Happens, of course, that look for for a role of “sonny“ such man with which it is possible to realize the maternal unrealized instincts, to direct, but it is more than women who want that they were protected, warmed, cared and protected, want to feel desired and necessary - it all women that they did not tell and how tried to run ahead of the man. The man surely has to be such that she knew - on him in any situation it is possible to hope and rely, call to the aid.
In our century of development of megalopolises and a feminiation of society when the woman tries to be “on an equal basis“, appeared so-called metrosexuals, these are men who strenuously watch and the appearance, visit salons and sunbeds, dye hair, are in the fashion scrupulously, do manicure and a pedicure. It is possible to treat them differently, I consider the main thing that the look was natural, is most similar to prirodny. And main contents, but not a form. . Generalizing
, I want to tell, the more woman is developed as the Personality, comprehensively, the better she knows what everything - wants from the man. Also it is worth to remember that the nature allocated women with intuition more than men therefore the woman can just base the choice on intuition often...
I in conclusion, words from “Little Prince“:“ we in the answer for those who were tamed“ from 1000 roses identical at first sight, there will always be that which will be ““, special...