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The woman and Business - a contradiction to the nature or norm of time?

speak much Now and especially write that in our world everything rose upside down: those roles and functions which initially - historically and it is even biological - belonged only to one floor (except for, perhaps, birth of children, here the nature it is difficult to outwit, though it is already tried to be made), presently or stopped being a prerogative of this or that floor, or somewhere even pass from one gender to another. In other words, women more and more “reach manhood“, and men become effeminate. Someone just establishes this fact, someone claims that such tendency is not the benefit for mankind. Personally I refer myself rather to the second category. The reasons here a set, but the speech not about it.

Here I wanted to share one “inspiration“ thanks to which I could resolve the intra personal conflict which unexpectedly overtook me. I hope that my experience will be useful to somebody...

Everything began with the fact that we with the husband decided to begin the business. Business somewhat network, and it gives the chance to work both on the Internet, and out of it. I on a warehouse of character, abilities and a way of life (a year I am in a child care leave) am more inclined to work on the Internet, and my husband - in “real“ life. And it me rather strongly carried away business, however, it turned out that very much still needs to study me, but for me it is rather a plus, than minus. And here - that I also had that above-mentioned intra personal conflict …

All the matter is that I am absolutely convinced that to earn money, namely financially to provide itself and the family is an absolutely not female occupation. Moreover, in one radio interview the specialist in an Ayurveda (traditional system of the Indian Vedic medicine) told that “to the woman in general to work harmfully“. It does not mean, of course, that the woman cannot work. Maybe even somewhere has also to, but only not to support itself and a family. Work can be for the woman the application of her creative potential (which, by the way, EACH woman is simply OBLIGED to realize).

Here it seems I knew all this, but when business concerned me personally, there was a problem: at some moment I began to notice that I cannot normally communicate with the husband concerning our business, I am angry on trifles. Most likely, as already then I understood, it occurred from - for the fact that business at us with the husband turned out one for two, i.e. both he, and I began to be engaged in business which will bring in in the long term the decent income and “to feed“, “dress“ and “put“ and give all other pleasures of life to our family. It turns out what I, on an equal basis with the husband, take part in financial security of a family what, in my opinion, how I already spoke above, it is good not to eat …

I here literally the other day, in the evening, during washing of ware, I began to analyze all this situation and to think of where an exit? To give up business? But I LIKE to these to be engaged. To spit the beliefs and to continue? But to spit it will not turn out, me as to the psychologist by training, it is perfectly known that suppression does not lead something to anything good. It seemed that it is the deadlock … And suddenly as struck me with a thunder: I can perceive occupation by our business not as a way to provide our family and as a way of self-realization! As always, everything was simple.

The woman in business is not the supporter of a family, and SAMOREALIZOVYVAYuShchAYaSYa the woman!

It here simply I for myself solved a problem of association of initially nonfeminine field of activity and the female nature. Now I with quiet soul am engaged in business which brings me pleasure and satisfaction, and houses of peace and harmony.