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Damned pictures. From where they appeared?

Among some people occur a belief that the person or the image in some picture can make magic impact on her owner. There are pictures to which ill fame was assigned. How it could happen? Destiny of models we Will begin


with the simplest. To some people who posed for artists for some reason there are strange things. Very often they prematurely died. I will give several examples.

In 1797 Vladimir Borovikovsky wrote a portrait of the princess Maria Lopukhina . From a portrait slightly mysteriously beautiful young girl looks at us. Shortly after the portrait was written, at the princess problems with health began. Doctors made the scary diagnosis: consumption (tuberculosis of lungs). In the 18th century this illness was incurable. Maria soon died, having lived very short, but unhappy life.

The portrait of the princess Lopukhinoy admired not only contemporaries. For example, nearly hundred years later the poet Ya. Polonsky devoted to Maria such remarkable verses:

It passed long ago, and there are no those eyes
I of that smile not any more that was expressed silently. Stradanye`s
- a love shadow, and thoughts - a shadow of grief,
But beauty her Borovikovsky rescued.
So the part of her soul from us did not depart, with
I this look and this charm of a body
K will it attract indifferent posterity, Teaching it to love
, to suffer, forgive, be silent.

But with this portrait connected also other strange story. The father of the princess Maria was a great admirer of any mysticism and the member of Masonic lodge. People said that it managed “to install“ spirit of the died daughter in the image on a portrait and if someone from marriageable young maidens looks at a portrait, then she is waited by inevitable death. Allegedly the portrait of the princess ruined more than ten young curious noblewomen. In 1880 the cloth was bought for the Tretyakov gallery and exposed for visitors. From this point talk on the damnation hanging over this picture ceased.

It was not lucky also many models who posed for I. E. Repin . For example, the artist addressed the famous surgeon N. I. Pirogov with a request for several sessions for writing of his portrait. Nikolay Ivanovich agreed. Soon the portrait was finished, and every other day the surgeon died. There was it on November 23, 1881. The same fate comprehended also the famous composer M. P. Mussorgsky . His portrait was finished on March 5, 1881, and on March 28 he died.

In 1909 the Saratov City Council ordered to Ilya Efimovich P. A. Stolypin`s portrait . In the beginning the artist wanted to refuse from - for disagreement with policy of the imperial government, but next year to it all - was necessary to undertake this work. In 1910 the portrait was finished, and in a year Stolypin was shot in Kiev. This sad transfer of models of I. E. Repin could be continued. After a posing to the artist about ten people suddenly died.

Damned pictures

the Picture “Adoration of the magi“ was created by Pieter Bruegel Sr. in 1564. In a picture the artist showed that the birth of the child does not bring joy if around war, and people kill each other. As the semantic center of a picture serves sad Virgin Mary with the baby. As the model Petter invited the cousin. According to the legend, his cousin long time could not become pregnant from the husband, and her infertility began to be transmitted to other women.

On a legend, “Magicians“ got to different collectors, and after that in their families children ceased to be born. In the middle of the 17th century the picture was bought by Jacob van Kampen. He was not afraid of ill fame of a picture because in his family there were already several children. Now Pieter Bruegel Sr. cloth is in the London national gallery.

The picture “Venus with a Mirror“ was written by Diego Velasquez about 1647 - 51 g. On it surprisingly beautiful and graceful body of the young woman is represented. There is a legend, as if this picture became famous for the fact that its owners were ruined as soon as they got this cloth.

Allegedly the Madrid merchant was its first owner. After purchase of the desired beauty it was very quickly ruined: vessels with its goods were seized by pirates. Then it fast sold out the remains of the property to pay off with debts.

The picture removed to the new owner who was engaged in trade business too. He did not manage to enjoy in plenty new acquisition as in its warehouse with goods the lightning struck, and he lost everything suddenly. The picture was offered for auction where it was bought by the rich usurer. In a week thieves got into his house, killed the owner and left, having taken a trunk with gold. Successors of the killed could not sell in any way a picture about which there was already an ill fame. Eventually, they presented it to the museum.

After long wanderings all over the world the picture got to England where it was acquired by the London National Gallery. And only from this place the legend coincides with reality. Actually all its owners were rich and happy, and here the picture was lucky less. In 1914 to it there was a misfortune. Some fanatic came to the museum with a big knife and several times struck with it a cloth. The picture managed to be restored, and now it is pride of the London museum.

The picture “Water Lilies (Clouds)“ was written by Claude Monet in 1903. Completion of work over “Lilies“ was marked by a friendly junket which was suddenly interrupted with the fire in an art studio. It was quickly extinguished and forgotten, but for a while …

the Picture was bought by one owner for the pub on Montmartre. In a month in cabaret there was a strong fire, but a cloth managed to pull out from fire.

After this incident the picture was sold at auction, and the famous Parisian patron became the new owner. In several months his house burned down, and the fire began in an office where the ill-fated picture hung. And this time the cloth managed to be rescued. But the glory fire-dangerous was already strongly consolidated to a picture.

In 1958. “Lilies“ were got by New - the York museum of the modern arts. And what you think? In three months in the hall where the picture hung, there was a fire which strongly damaged a picture … of

Many cloths have ill fame. For some reason so it turned out that throughout centuries people connected the occurred misfortunes with some certain pictures. This combination of circumstances, or someone, really, “filled with damage“ on this or that picture? Remains also a riddle why some models finished the terrestrial way right after their portraits was are finished. Is over what to reflect...