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What sandwich it is possible to call the most royal?

Probably, many remember the remarkable “Ballad about royal sandwich“ of Alan Milne. But if in this lovely poem it was talked only of a bread piece with butter, then today there are several hundreds of recipes of sandwiches - meat, fish, vegetarian, with salad and without it. But what of them can call truly royal?

In the middle of the last century, to be exact in 1953, young Elizabeth II came to the English throne. The solemn lunch in honor of crowning was prepared not just known the chief - the cook, and the foundress of the London culinary academy Rouzmari Hulme. It possesses the recipe of Coronation Chicken , that is the Coronation Chicken which combines a traditional basis of a dish - chicken and the hot spices reminding of far overseas colonies of the British Empire.

Initially Coronation Chicken moved as a main course with a rice garnish and/or with salad, today it is used as the most tasty stuffing for sandwiches. Coronation Chicken is very popular, it is possible to call it one of the most sold sandwiches in England. And it is unsurprising - it is the useful and nutritious breakfast which is perfectly combined with a cup of hot strong coffee.

Ingredients counting on six persons:

- chicken fillet without bones and a thin skin - 1. 5 kg;

- a cinnamon stick - 1 piece;

- peppercorn - 5 - 7 pieces;

- fresh ginger - a piece about 2 cm;

- bay leaf - 1 piece;

- a saffron - 1 bunch;

- onions - 2 pieces;

- olive oil - 1 tablespoon;

- a fresh coriander - 1 bunch;

- bread - several pieces;

- butter - 50 g;

- lemon juice, salt, pepper - to taste.

For sauce:

- fresh ginger - a piece about 2 cm;

- raisin - 50 g;

- dried apricots - 50 g;

- curry powder - 2 tablespoons;

- mayonnaise - 200 ml;

- sour cream - 200 ml.

Way of preparation:

1. To place chicken fillet, cinnamon, peppercorn, a ginger piece, a saffron and bay leaf in a deep pan and to fill in with cold water; to close a pan a cover; to cook on slow fire to readiness. It is recommended to cool chicken in broth. To cut cold fillet on small pieces.

2. To peel onions, to cut and fry small till golden color on olive oil.

3. To clear the second half of a piece of ginger and to cut small. To crush previously soaked dried apricots. To crush raisin. To add ginger, dried apricots and raisin to onions and to hold mix on a frying pan no more than a minute. To cool.

4. To mix mayonnaise and sour cream, to implicate curry powder in the received mix. To add the fried onions, ginger, dried apricots and raisin. To lower pieces of chicken in sauce and to mix carefully. To put mix in the refrigerator on two - three hours that sauce was absorbed.

5. To slice bread identical thin, to grease with butter, to put a ready stuffing on bread. A coriander small to chop and strew with it chicken.

Also It is necessary to tell that there are several variations of Coronation Chicken: someone recommends it to do with mango sauce, for someone necessary it seems to add tomato paste and wine to sauce, the third consider that besides a coriander the stuffing needs to be strewed with the cut and fried almonds, but all these nuances - a matter of taste.

Coronation Chicken sandwich can be made fuller, having put a leaf of the Chinese salad, four circles of a cucumber and two circles of tomato on a stuffing.

This sandwich - opened or closed - is good as in cold, and hot. Truly royal delicacy is worth it that for the sake of it to spend hour in kitchen.

What to do if there is no time for cooking?

If you became the admirer of Coronation Chicken, but you do not have enough time for preparation of this dish catastrophically, it is possible to resort to small cunning and to use the simplified option. It is possible to buy ready chicken fillet or chicken a grill. The sauce made in advance perfectly is stored in the refrigerator four - five days. The simplified option - to fry on olive oil onions together with powder of a curry to add to mayonnaise, and to use this mix as sauce.

It not wild behavior - to love good sandwiches!