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We grow thin fine? Food loading of

It is known that it is not enough on Earth of the girls who are not caring for the appearance, for the figure. Even slender ladies try to dump excess two kilograms, the seas of diets and getting tired in a gym. But it is not good! Practically all diets are not useful to an organism.

Problems with health, anorexia, bulimia and other diseases become results of frequent diets! Well, in this article I will tell about that as well as what needs to be eaten to grow thin and at the same time not only not to damage, but also to bring benefit to the health. Here you will find several small secrets which will help to get rid of several hated kilograms and to improve the health.

To grow thin, you have two options: to starve or eat properly and it is balanced. Of course, the second option will yield result not at once, and only after a while. The first will relieve of excess weight much quicker, but your health will not tell for this “thanks“! So, to grow thin with advantage for health, it is necessary to choose the healthy balanced food.

What belongs to healthy nutrition? People about it can be divided into two camps. One say that they are it is necessary exactly three times a day (a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner) with intervals at five o`clock between receptions. Such time as nutritionists consider, is necessary for a stomach for its work (4 hours) and rest (1 hour). Others consider what needs to be eaten often (about 5 times a day), but in the small portions. I want to notice that in this case even apple or a light salad is real meal. It means that it is possible to have breakfast, then through a two-three of hours to have a bite some fruit, to have dinner, again to have a bite and eventually to have supper, for example, an easy vegetable salatik.

Now concerning structure of each meal. The known proverb says: “Eat a breakfast itself, share a lunch with the friend, and give a dinner to the enemy“. Not just like that it was thought up by our wise ancestors. The breakfast has to make the main part of your day diet. For breakfast without harm for a figure it is possible to eat a piece of a cake or a little chocolate because everything that is eaten to 12, is spent and digested during the day. But it does not mean that to twelve it is necessary to eat too much to a dump. The main thing - to know when to stop! Porridge on water will be an ideal breakfast. It, though high-calorie, very useful. This porridge improves digestion, reduces appetite and huge desire to eat something sweet! And if from porridge since the childhood feels sick you, then it is possible to replace myuslyama porridge which are used by many as the useful and promoting weight loss product. It is possible to eat even in the morning couple of eggs which as scientists found out, will help with fight against excess weight too.

After a breakfast you went to work or study. Suddenly, unexpectedly - unexpectedly, there was a wish to eat. Than to have a bite? Apple! Tasty, it is useful and is what to chew. However for many the fact that from apple appetite increases even stronger is not a secret. So if till a lunch still far, it is possible to have a bite any other fruit or even a vegetable. By the way, the more in a diet of low-calorie fruit and vegetables, the your diet becomes more useful. The fruit differing in the highest caloric content are bananas and grapes, it is better not to be fond of them. As well as fruit, will serve as good having a snack nuts. They are, of course, products very high-calorie! The power value of nuts - 600-700 kcal on 100 grams, but, despite it, they are very useful and comprise a heap of the vitamins and minerals necessary to your favourite organism. But you should not abuse (30-50 grams more than enough) and to combine nuts with chocolate.

Time to have dinner. What to eat? The first, the second, fifth, tenth? Or two spoons of rice? Perhaps it is simple to drink a kefirchik? Ladies! Look at time, now not morning that there is everything, but also not evening to be limited to a glass of kefir. Following a saying: it is necessary to share with the friend. That is to eat both soup, and even a chicken with rice, and to drink a tea. Only all this in the quantity reduced... time in two, in comparison with usual.

We will begin with soup. You should not cook fat soup. It is more than vegetables, it is less than fat meat. Taste cream soups - quickly, tasty, it is useful. Let`s pass to the second. Macaroni - it is harmful, of course. Better often not to meet them. Speak, still it is undesirable to eat potato as it high-calorie and is harmful to a figure. All this lie. Not potato, but oil on which it prepares is harmful to a figure! And starch helps digestion. And in general, potatoes get under the category “vegetables“, by definition useful.

Meat, meat, meat what with you to do? To eat! A chicken, to anybody not a secret, meat dietary so you can eat it without reflecting, but still moderately!

And what with drinks? With a diet, I think, at all green tea which removes all slags and toxins is associated. Nutritionists advise us to drink 3-5 cups of green tea a day. But if you at very early age, then you do not be fond of this dietary drink, it can slow down your growth. And if to part a honey spoon in a glass of water, it is a little cinnamon, to draw half an hour and to drink before a breakfast and after a lunch every day, then it is possible directly - really to grow thin. And still this drink tasty. If before food to eat a half of grapefruit or two kiwis, then digestion will also improve and accelerate, food it will not be simple to be late in you for a long time.

The dinner should be arranged in 4 hours prior to a dream that your fine stomach managed to digest all food and to have a rest together with you at night! Dinner by quantity of food on the last place. Easy vegetable salatik or the glass of kefir very much will even suit your stomach.

Nothing fat, sweet and fried for dinner is impossible categorically! After such fine day you go to bed with pride and a clear conscience. And the stomach will tell you “thanks“!

Be continued.