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How to distinguish in itself a blogogolik?

Dream me a dream. There are I, all such elegant, walk about the Paveletsky station. A crowd around, all run, hurry, here the man approaches me and embraces. I, of course, understand that there is nothing, unfortunately, romantic in such embraces. This type of a civil exterior - the ordinary pickpocket. I politely discharge it and I speak:

- Not that you business, dear companion, are busy! You it is better on the Internet get to yourself the blog, on a good cursor, on the paid domain. You will write about the life, to impart the acquired experience and art with the people. Texts, I do not doubt, at you will be unique with the correct SEO filling. And when you will advertize the blog in social networks, through groups or competitions, people will become even closer to you, and with them both Tits will rise, and advertisers will be brought up. Yes under your subject of the reference it will be possible to sell to both security systems, and boutiques of a purse, and dating service - yes to whom you want, without speaking about partnerka. How many attention, how many visitors - thousands, millions, and all in one day, and all to you! You embrace in such conditions, improper for an organism here, and so at home, in heat the monitor, ooh

Ya woke up and understood that possibly lately overdid with blogging studying. Here process is interesting. Presently the Internet - progress maintaining the blog can really affect all spheres of life, unite people the general subjects, and even to help to earn authority and money. The main thing as the millionaire Donald Trump spoke - not to lose concentration.

You should not forget that the blog is a diary in which it is possible to describe all endured or fictional events and thoughts on a subject, however the Internet cannot replace real life and real communication.

So who such blogogolik and how to distinguish it?

For the comparative analysis we will consider symptoms of alcoholism, workaholism and an oniomaniya. All listed dependences, you see, prevent social and private life, and also do harm to health. In other words, we will define for clarity that the general between the alcoholic, the workaholic, the shopaholic and blogogoliky and what with it to do.

General symptoms:

Escape from reality in another, the thought-up world.

Illusion of freedom, liberation and control.

Thirst of the power and respect.

The desire to test is as much as possible adrenaline.

Loss of interest in all and to everything that is not connected with this dependence.

The satisfaction is short-term, at once comes to an end after completion of process.

Differences of mood, irritability, apathy.

Uncertainty, absence of love to.

We will add also specific characteristics. The alcoholic receives an iron justification, ceases to criticize himself and affords any behavior. The workaholic always chooses the most unattainable purpose and imprisons himself in a framework of high requirements and restrictions. The shopaholic dives into boundless waves of shopping centers without the concrete reason and a task to buy something certain. Blogogolik to everything listed above reads and discusses others posts instead of filling in the blog with the substantial working content.

If the blogogolizm covered with the head, only one will help - balance. What will help to return balance - to decide on the purpose and to enjoy process of its achievement. To remember or find that idea which inspired and roused to registration and the first record. For what and for whom this blog was created to whom it can be useful what actually there is a wish to write about what I dreamed in the childhood of that interests me in life - it is questions for medical prevention.

Further planning will help, let it will be a treasure map in the field of the blog. What headings where to take material how to write texts what to write about how to untwist the blog and to declare to the world - these questions for step-by-step actions.

The systematic actions made every day will help to develop self-discipline and to approach a goal.

The most pleasant in blogging if to observe balance - obtaining information, the help, support and, of course, communication. And not only in the Network, but also in the real world the blog can become the powerful reason for interview, acquaintance to new interesting people, the organization of a party or travel, an excellent occasion to together watch the new movie, to visit an exhibition, to try new recipes, sports or rest. Let impressions and experience have positive character, then it will bring benefit and to people around, and the author of the blog.

I wish saturated self-realization and blogging balance!