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The competition Seocafeinfoshnost in Moscow of

Though not Seospetsialist, but decided to participate in a competition from the forum SEOcafe. info on moving of the word Seocafeinfoshnost from the internal page. Good such forum though even it was not registered at a forum. Just did not see earlier, but having seen where that advertizing of a competition in which it is necessary to output article by unclear inquiry decided to participate.

Why I participate in a competition?

But because my website about earnings online and offline and earnings for. And so I think there is a sense to try. And already brief experience was in a competition from Alexander Borisov. In it took the seventh place on search moving of inquiry “How to become the blogger the chiliarch“ in Google and had though a little in a profitable equivalent, but I am very glad to such achievement. Also in Yandex was on the seventh place too, and these are the first positions in two most famous searchers. For this time the competition in operation also moves ahead the phrase - How to begin the blogger the chiliarch to download free of charge.

In a present competition of prize-winning places it is expected even 33 and therefore chances increase. And there is an opportunity to check correct, and can on the contrary ways of optimization and experiment with delivery of Google. Well and naturally it is advertizing of the blog in the company of optimizers, prodvizhenets and Seoshnikov. After all I will repeat, I do not work + + I yavlyayuszanimatsya by neither that, nor another, nor the third. Just there was a wish to take part and wanted to try that it is in real.

And that, I can scribble articles. It is necessary and to try SEO. I know something, found something in the Internet. And the trick is that this inquiry should be staked out on the first place in Google TOP on positions in Moscow and the Moscow region.

In what I am engaged in online?

And in the main Forex, purchase of links and maintaining this website. As you can see the website of any relation to SEO does not approach and itself I do not consider myself as prodvizhenets. Well, I do something, but no more. About work in online you can learn in the blog in the section - Online work. Also there is a dating site, but that it threw that. Also in offline there is small own business. Too you can esteem in the section - Offline work. There more - it is less fully described - that as when and why. Well generally from scratch ideas and before work. Can to someone it will be pleasant.

All right, but after all is closer to our rams we will address.

The inquiry that needs to be advanced in itself is not informative, and does not bear in itself the slightest value and sense. Except of course the word of Info and SEO entering it. And still CAFE as the cafe where to a kofedrin give a donut is thought. And here that to receive this roll, it was necessary to take part in advance. As coffee I love, well Pele, ground Arabica coffee there. So the competition will give an impulse to buy coffee, and sitting at a coffee shot glass, to survey this inquiry from different sides.

What will give a competition?

On delivery prize-winning organizers provided decent fund in the sum of one thousand dollars or 31765 tugriks. It is a little of course. What the previous marathon on “advance is inevitable“. In it the winner was given, but did not understand a distance or not, one thousand baksely per customer. Did not take part in it, about it esteemed for the analysis only recently in respect of that how to optimize today`s unclear phrase. If is more detailed about prize-winning dollars, then we look who how many will receive in places which he will take:

1 place will be equal to 12765 rub
the Second place on five thousand rub
the Third place on 3000 wmr
C 4 on the seventh place on 1000 wmr, total 4000 rubles
C 8 on the thirty third place on 300 rub to each applicant, total 7800 rub

As you can see of an apportion, that who will be 1, that and will receive almost a floor of bank. So is what to aspire to. On terms the marathon on advance of inquiry assumes to last to 31. 03. 2012, that is two months. During this time all will have take-off and falling in the TOP, but as it is supposed to whom as will carry also who as much as possible references nadybat. It seems to me that advance very much will even be reflected in a position and an exit of a resource in top of Google across Moscow. In 20. 30 Moscow time on March 31 will be a prochekana delivery of Google across Moscow. Also winners of this running with holes from the forum seoshnikov will be visible.

What is necessary for a marathon?

The basic - of course to write article about that how to earn on the Internet, about creation and filling and optimization of the website, the blog, a resource or the announcement of a competition. This written article needs to be placed on the internal page in which the reference to the pleasant page of the forum SEOcafe is inserted the picture from their resource. info. Of course without noindex and nofollow. Then you submit the application for participation to 29. 02. 2012, you receive kindly and further with the phrase in a top of Google. ru across Moscow and the Moscow region.

What restrictions?

Of course blogs on a free hosting, well on similarity of narod. It is forbidden to advance the main page of the blog, to remove references to owners of this marathon.
Well and to use the young domain which was zaregan for example later 15. 01. 2012

Ways of optimization?

And here on methods of optimization of inquiry in a top of Google. ru across Moscow and the Moscow region of any bans is not available. Though it not really is pleasant to me. You want Hrumer move, or the dorama. Generally both you want and move. Or stock up on links under inquiry. The basic to get into the Top of Google. ru
As well as is necessary by agreement, I place a link on rigid discussion of a competition - Discussion at a forum.

Here at last everything, article is ready also my website in business...