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Whether there can be an old age in pleasure? About life of pensioners - Danes of

Yes, can. If you live in Denmark. Here the care of old men is a debt not of children as it is accepted at us, and a debt of the state. Danes pay heavy taxes by which this is financed and other spheres of the Danish society.

At once I will note that pensions here to the Danish measures low and identical to all, irrespective of an experience, education and scientific degrees. While you work, forcibly pay a certain percent from a salary and plus independently do savings. Therefore who has a high salary, at that and big savings.

Pensioners receive the put pension and the fact that they saved up. Today pensioners are those who are 65 years old and are more senior. Since 2020 this level will be raised till 68 years. For health reasons there is an opportunity to retire in 62 years, but it became expensive to the state and will be cancelled soon.

But the main thing that here is evident, is the developed network of nursing homes where the trained state workers look after old men. At all inhabitants is on this right. As soon as the moment when old men are not able to take care of themselves any more comes, the place at nursing home where they move with the furniture is provided to them. It is necessary to pay for it, but the pension is enough for it, and still remains.

I have familiar old men - the wife at nursing home, and her husband in the house. Children and grandsons visit her somewhere once a week, on birthday bear pastries, invite to tea also other inhabitants of nursing home. It is not a shame to speak that parents live in nursing home to Danes at all, it is absolutely normal, and old men perceive it also. They understand that children have to work and look for the children. The nursing home of old men washes, feed, but also entertain, take out at excursion, invite the hairdresser and the manicurist.

For many old men to move to live in nursing home - it means to get over that you are not able to take care of yourself any more, and much is given it hardly. Fear of the feebleness - here that first of all confuses them at such choice.

Those who live the houses, apartments and who have forces more receive the help for cleaning, purchases, cooking. For a symbolical payment. But now, during financial crisis, politicians cut down assignment for care of elderly. Now cleaning is carried out not each 2 weeks, but everyone by a third, and bathing days at nursing homes not 4 once a week, and two.

In general, pensioners in Denmark are people active. Participate in local life, play golf, travel much, go shooting, on courses of languages, learn to work at the computer and so on. They have time and money! The credit is, as a rule, paid for the house by this time, children earn the money, grandsons in day nursery, gardens, schools.

Grandmothers and grandfathers with pleasure will help to take away grandsons from kindergarten, to sit with them when they are ill, - if there are no plans and not for a long time. But grandmothers often invite children and grandsons to dinners, to coffee, in trips, give gifts. Parents of my husband are active and irreplaceable assistants, but everything everything is planned in advance, and details precisely make a reservation. But so far as concerns an illness, of course, all questions disappear.

The old man to be difficult everywhere, but in the Danish society all conditions are created to facilitate life to both old men, and their relatives.