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“Pozyorsky“ patriotism: a new tendency among youth?

N and my table lie the book “At Borodino Field“ in the smallest details telling about the battle of the same name. To me, the simple inhabitant, it was difficult to understand - what forced all these people - soldiers if it is so possible to tell, suffer from an excruciating pain from bullets of the foe, to take down a terrible situation of the fighting field and, the most important, awful conditions of battles, the discomfort bringing into such horror of the modern person who got used to humane living conditions. A name to this reason - patriotism. Such simple word, but it conceals the deepest sense. People wanted to protect the Homeland, the relatives, favourite, native and just strangers (because the feeling of compassion was always present at Christians). All these generous impulses uniting, turned into the proud word PATRIOTISM.

So was earlier. And what now? I do not undertake to argue on feeling of patriotism in Russia and in the world in general because I do not love vast philosophical (and absolutely useless) verbalization. However it would be simple to keep silent about some phenomena in modern society blasphemy. Now it will be a question about very important, from my point of view, a layer society - youth. The fact that I am the representative of this layer gives me the chance to argue on it more - less objectively.

Someone will tell that with patriotic education at us in the country poorly, and, in general, it is necessary to agree with it. It on the one hand. And someone will point to the surge in patriotism observed recently at representatives, for example, of the Caucasian and Transcaucasian nations. And as the ethnic structure of Russia is not limited to Russians, with it, again - it is impossible to argue.

Patriotism and nation: two approaches to understanding.

it would be logical to deal with what is patriotism for a start. Complexity of this concept consists in its capacity, it consists of a set of other concepts, one of which is the concept of the nation. Let`s deal with it at first. This concept, as well as many others, it is possible to consider as with materialistic (even biological) the parties, and from spiritual. From the biological point of view the nation is a community of the people possessing a similar gene pool. Exactly thanks to it we can speak about appearance, typical or atypical for a certain nation.
If came the speech about representatives of the Caucasian and Transcaucasian nations, then are characteristic of them brown color of eyes and dark (most often black or brown) a hair color. In the same way, for aboriginals of Europe characters light eyes and the same hair. From the birth each person belongs to this or that nation because is the carrier of a gene pool characteristic of this nation. In biological sense everything is unambiguous - if you were born with the Russian gene pool, then Russian, with Korean - the Korean. The exception is made, perhaps, only by America which does not have the typical gene pool. But we now not about it.

In spiritual sense concept the nation has no such unambiguity, as in biological. You can be born the Korean, but feel like the Russian, be born the German, but feel like the Mexican. The spiritual party of concept the nation means first of all a state of mind.

I am sure that I feeling of patriotism am to some extent peculiar if not to everything, then to many people, and it is not present yes will have an effect.
If to argue with the same unambiguity which characterizes biological approach it is possible to tell that time you were born Russian, you will have patriotic feelings to Russia if the Chinese - to China. However unambiguity in our life has not enough. From the spiritual point of view, you will belong to that nation of which you take care soul. Therefore not the fact that been born Russian will love Russia (by the way, if the speech came about it, in increasing frequency on the Internet it is possible to meet responses of the Russians who left Russia throwing mud at the country. Forgive that I all about sore. Just it was necessary to remember it.) and the Armenian - Armenia. In this regard I am able to afford to tell
that there are people with a natural national identity (was born the Yakut, I have the Yakut gene pool, I have patriotic feelings to Yakutia) and acquired (was born the Yakut, saw enough the Japanese movies, joined in the Japanese culture, can even moved to Japan, I have patriotic feelings to Japan, I consider myself as the Japanese with the Yakut roots).
Ya I do not condemn the people belonging to the second category. But, in my modest opinion, the person has to be defined precisely what group he treats, but not to rush about from a krasnost in a krasnost. To decide on the national identity means to decide on the past. But even this throwing is terrible not as insincerity. It also pushed me on writing of this article.

Yesterday I was present at the first ceremony of delivery of awards in the field of the Armenian humour of Armenian Comedy Awards 2012. It is so much Armenians who crowded in one place, I did not see yet. Nearby above mine the company of the Armenian girls and guys who throughout all ceremony the word did not tell on Armenian - all in Russian yes in Russian sat. And this fact would not draw my attention (unfortunately, today many people began to forget the language) if after that all this company amicably did not organize a photoshoot with a big Armenian flag. And what they wanted to tell these? You look what we are patriots, time spent the decent sum, came to this action, were photographed with a flag, and then exposed photos in a social net? But same it is silly. Their behavior already spoke about insincerity. The above described action was dictated only by desire to stand out and than more. It is that and it is called peacockery. I Consider
that if the person ranks himself as number of patriots, then it is obliged to state the respect to the country which is expressed in, at least, knowledge of the language. The culture, the nation cannot exist without language. Language - a basis only. And these people did not take the trouble to learn language. And what for? it is much easier to pretend to be the patriot, thereby having earned by themselves laudatory responses and “having deserved“ good reputation. And bigger, unfortunately, it is also not necessary to such people.
In general, a problem of peacockery exists in very many spheres of modern life and society, however I even could not think that it will sometime touch feeling of patriotism. Sacred feeling.

And it, companions, very sadly.