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How to make the website of

On this, quite small, to a branch of the website I will try to supply with the necessary initial information for future webmasters - how to make the good website.

My modest experience which I will impart with you does not apply for panacea at all. It is only attempt to acquaint beginners with common goals and tasks which most of the beginning webmasters faces. Sometimes happens very difficult to begin since you do not know from what party to approach a problem. On the example of creation of the simple website I will give an initial practical advice of a saytostroyeniye.

Most likely, first to you not to avoid mistakes. As if theoretically you were not grounded - in practice everything will appear a little differently. But you should not be upset at possible failures. Remember that YOU get enormous experience which cannot be bought not at any price. How fast YOU will grow as the webmaster - depends only on you. From your persistence and commitment. There is no limit to perfection. It seems that at this stage the website “is licked“ very much. But... There passes half a year and already from height of the new, gained during this time knowledge, it is visible that where and as it is possible to improve, thereby having lifted on several steps the child among competitors.

So, we will begin!

What it is necessary for creation of the website except one desire?

In - the first: knowledge of bases of the HTML language. The separate branch of the website is devoted to it. And here this question will not be considered. Plus knowledge of bases a web - design.

In - the second: it is necessary to decide on website content. Or, in other words, maintenance (infomatsionny filling) of the website. From as far as it will be unique and interesting, popularity of a resource will depend. Not the last role in attendance of the website is played by its subject.

In - the third: to choose a hosting (paid or free), in other words the house where your website will be located.

In - the fourth: it is necessary to load the website on the server.

In - the fifth: it will be necessary to be engaged in advance of the website for increase in its attendance.

From that, all five above-stated clauses will be how successfully implemented, popularity of a resource depends.

Now we will try to consider each of points in more detail.

from the moment of writing of material passed several years. By and large, the little changed in site building. Unless there was a question oh, really, the qualitative and “useful“ websites even more sharply. The Internet literally captivated, so-called, “govnosayta“ - the websites which are made only for earnings of money. Search engines actively fight against GS, why, also quite “normal“ websites resorting to small search “cunnings“ sometimes suffer. Therefore, mine to you council:

Do the websites “for people“;
Create unique and useful content;
you do not pursue momentary benefit - at first enclose something, and then already wait for return;
Have patience - the website as good wine, - the more endurance, the product is more valuable; Work as
constantly on the website.