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Carefully - a shopomaniye! Whether the ruinous illness will rescue from a stress?

to Squander what is not present, as harmfully how to work in the manner of “perpetual motion machine“. Shopaholics are workaholics with a minus sign. One try to correct to themselves mood the unnecessary and not planned purchases. Others - escape from internal loneliness, stupefying and overworking itself.

The pleasure from unnecessary purchases or “labor feats“ is short-term. Once you leave shop or to come up from whirlpool of professional cares, to a throat the lump for the collected offenses and disappointments rises. The thought about in vain the spent time and uncontrolled acts rolls a wave and injures with a new force. Instead of bringing joy, the momentary pleasure drives into the moral and financial deadlock.

Recently scientists established that besides alcoholic and drug addiction there is still an addiction to the Internet. The excessive interest in purchases similarly can develop into an addiction. Internetomana run from life to virtual space, shopomana - being afraid to remain in private with themselves - in shops.

I consider a shopomaniya as the most ruinous illness of the 21st century. On senseless purchases throw out much more money presently, than at a card table or on jumps. Advertizing for many years inspired in buyers what to leave money - real pleasure. Shopaholics got to like this slogan. Are guided by it, without reckoning with the financial opportunities at all. Get to a web of temptations and cannot independently get out of it, do not know as... What to buy becomes unimportant. Short-term, but powerful inflow of adrenaline causes purchasing process.

The desire to possess pseudo - the necessary thing awakens the same delightful feelings what cause an inclination and passion in the lover in the shopaholic. As it is ridiculous, but a subject on a show-window or even the message on seasonal sale dizziness, dying down can cause in the dependent person heart, faltering breath. All this in a possession anticipation … a remarkable bagatelle which without advantage will roll then in a case. Worse: to be an eyesore and cause a remorse as a proof of “a financial crime“.

On my supervision, dependence on shopping if not to address experts and not to overcome it, can be aggravated and pass into a severe, painful form. The American psychologists and psychiatrists hold the similar opinion.

In the world millions of people are considered as shopaholics, and the shopomaniya (at that its stage when self-checking loss is observed) admits a clinical illness. It is not a kind of hobby, but the diagnosis any more. When there is a problem, it needs to be solved in time. Until “the acquirer hobby“ did not turn into pathology.

(As well as any other illness) it is not necessary to try to discover shopogolizm symptoms specially. But they need to be known that at manifestation of the first signs of dependence to begin with it fight.

Shopogolizm symptoms:

1. The become frequent bad mood, personal failures and pity to yourself you “treat“ only shopping. You use shopping as antidepressant and take “medicine“ even more often, gradually increasing “dose“. It is a sign of addiction to purchases.

2. Spontaneity and rashness of expensive acquisitions - a disturbing sign. The shopaholic does unplanned and unnecessary purchases, squanders money, irrespective of the opportunities. Spends what has no. For the sake of satisfaction of the passion at the moment of purchasing euphoria it is ready to lend money and does not reflect as will give them.

3. Condemnation of purchases house, deterioration in the relations in a family. The most part of the family budget leaves on payment of accounts shops. Quite often painful reaction of the family to purchases gives to the shopaholic the chance to look at the acts from outside and to think of consequences.

4. Upon all purchases the depression does not pass, pity to itself appears again and again. Long-awaited changes in life do not happen. Purchases create only short-term illusion of happiness.

Shopogolizm two factors - a personal and public order generate :

1. The sincere discomfort passing into a depression belongs to the personal reasons. It is caused by feelings of internal loneliness, impossibility to be alone with themselves, burdensome thoughts of the present, future, and also the underestimated self-assessment, a dissatisfaction, experiences and stresses.

2. Diseases of society (indifference, dissociation, low spiritual needs, intolerance) are transmitted to people and shown in equating of desire with requirement, in indulgences to the aspiration to derive momentary pleasure.

Besides passion to purchases any advertizing and any offer “buy now, and pay then“ warms up. Credit purchases are convenient that they give chance evenly to distribute the expenses. Thoughtless use of a credit card gives a boomerang effect: the family budget will painfully wound, burdens with very heavy expenditure. Buying on the installment plan, the shopaholic undertakes liabilities even if they and it is too expensive for him.

It is possible to be saved from this illness. I will give some of receptions below:

1. Pay off in shops with cash and take with yourself only that sum which was previously planned to be spent. Leave a credit card for the period of shopping at home.

2. Accurately plan that you need to buy, and you look only at those objects which are included into your list of really necessary purchases.

3. Accustom yourself to thought that shopping - need, but not entertainment.

4. Never you go to shops in bad mood and hungry. Try to lighten before a visit of shop in any way to yourself mood and it is obligatory to eat well!

5. And, at last, the most important! Expand a circle of friends, interests and the sphere of the occupations giving pleasure and lifting a moral tone. Create society which will fill emptiness and will relieve of loneliness. Use free time for trips, meetings, visits of theaters and cinema. Strike off this list looking at show-windows and wandering on shopping centers.

If there is a strong wish to please itself with purchases, it is possible and it is necessary to learn to do it without prejudice to the financial position. It is important to remember - the pleasure from purchase does not depend on its price. And the love to itself is shown in ability to derive pleasure from life and it is correct to organize the life, having secured itself against difficult situations.