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How free of charge to be trained for the WEB - the designer of

Not all know that there is opportunity free of charge to seize
any demanded specialty and to save such
in the way from 20 to 60 thousand rubles or more, depending on
of how paid educational courses estimate the services.
Only to whom will not be possible to use this chance, so it that who has no
on hands of the service record, on that at -
a rank that a name of this charitable organization financing
our retraining - Department of employment. Another matter who works under
to the contract or in the organization which uses seasonal works -
of nicknames and with the end of a season dismisses them. It can be the joiner
in a children`s summer recreation camp, not necessary there in wasps -
talny seasons or the cloakroom attendant whom practical adm -
the nistration dismisses, hardly citizens cease to wear the top
clothes again to employ with cold weather approach.

The mechanism of receiving free education is extremely simple:
to the registered unemployed are given three directions on ra -
to a boat in the specialty which is specified by the last in its labor
book and in case the employer on the direction writes from -
kaz on the initiative, will undersign and will set the seal, you have
the right for retraining by any profession which was pleasant to you from
of the extensive list. Besides, to you will appoint a grant and will op -
lachivat transportation costs.

But if you it is more, than in one organization where you nap -
are ravit, you will not find a common language with workers of a human resources department and they will write
on the direction that you refused to work for them, From -
of affairs of employment strikes you off the register and it is necessary to you for the period of wasps -
to tavit thoughts of free training.

I will try to tell on the example how I managed a demon - for a fee to be trained in
in “The design the WEB - pages“.
my family it - I the unemployed, pre-retirement age, the spouse -
already the pensioner and two our children: the daughter now working in the People`s Republic of China
and the son living with us. He not so succeeded in English as the daughter,
to look for work abroad and as everything, the whole day works on
the workplace somewhere at office.

I and itself wish to join office plankton, but
from - for such a physical defect as age, these shrimps and
crustaceans do not invite me even to interview and me nothing remains not to
how to try to grow in some spiny lobster.
to me was always interesting to be learned how the websites become and I asked
Department of employment that me - in very remote past of the engineer -
of the programmer naravit on free advanced training courses
in “Creation the WEB - pages“.

I will not tell that everything passed smoothly. The last record in my
the service record characterized me as and not -
watching the cloakroom attendant at late spring to the inspector in some hour of call-downs
it was succeeded to find three organizations needing cloakroom attendants:
the Center of endocrinology, Higher School of Economics and one of the gay -
of clubs, I do not mention its name - the moderator not without justification of
can count it as advertizing.

I will notice only that the need for the cloakroom attendant of
of year the gay - club still can motivate at this time with what his visitors
leave in clothes not only outerwear, but in a case with
of HSE the only reason which is occurred - uneconomical is -
use of wages fund.

In the Center of endocrinology I was made advances and wrote from -
kaz, though after my persistent requests. A formalism workers of a human resources department and wrote suffering
to HSE how was
actually that I refused work. I did not even go to the third place
, being afraid that it can be pleasant to workers from -
of business of shots and they will not write in the direction, the fact that it is necessary for me,
hoping uderzhat me at work and I as twice refused
from work I will be struck off the register.

But fortunately - not the inveterate cloakroom attendant and with a smile declared
the next inspector in Department of employment of an eye that the power
given it by the state, she will send me for retraining even of
with one refusal of the employer.

It was interesting to me to be trained and look narrowly at other
jobless, the part came to occupations on brand new foreign cars,
and I made impression that only real jobless
I, and the others are not bad arranged, for example there was a system administrator, di -
the rector of movies, the financial analyst, year as come back from
of London where he worked under the contract as the trader, the Artist, races -
of pisyvayushchiya of the car, the cabinetmaker, and one lady was even direk -
to Torahs of theater of history of fashion!

Other woman unexpectedly had a birthday and she
brought by the car couple of cakes and several bottles to Russian cabbage soup -
mpansky which we also drank during a break in vnutren -
is mute a court yard - the place for smoke breaks, under jaundiced eyes
of students of other specializations.

By the way, students of other specializations very much differed in
from us, they really resembled the unfortunate unemployed, they had
empty eyes, earthy complexion and with them was not -
pleasantly to sit on one shop - they probably already on themselves delivered a cross to
and did not consider it necessary to take a shower and to watch for chis -
of toty clothes.

I received the highest ball for final work - the website about Kuz -
the Minsk park, the others created more practical websites, in
the main in line with the interests or the business.

But when I with the diploma with honors was declared in Department of employment, anticipating
that there will offer me work at several offices
at choice, it was literally dumbfounded with news that just on
of my specialty, they do not employ. Then I understood,
why the people in our group was so distinguished from the others. I sent to
In two months hundreds of summaries, but only in one place
was invited to interview, but further the foyer I was not let,
is obvious the personnel officer, sending the invitation did not pay attention to
my year of birth. Having felt unnecessary society, I too
stopped washing and watching the clothes, but in time
received the offer to write the Internet -
shop selling the Chinese tea - to my son from the children came to mind is -
to use location of the sister that I also made on -
rather, yet did not forget what I was taught on courses to.

For practice, I did not use any cursor,
of the Joomla type, and programmed everything and in the future I hope to make
own control system of the website that the
shop from tea could be remade easily in any other.
Become interested can find the address of my creation
at me on a personal page.